My Stella is getting repaired

  1. She needs zipper repair. The part that connects the zipper to the pull broke. I have been using my Stella with a crappy zipper for months since I could not part with her. I have been closing the zipper without a pull, I was getting cuts on my fingers. All just because I could not let her go! :crybaby:

    I finally contacted the Mercer Street MJ store. They gave me their leather repair shop contact. I dropped my dear Stella off at the repair place on Friday afternoon. I am due to hear back from them on Monday.

    Hopefully this will not cost a bundle.
  2. Aw, I hope she comes back all better!!

    OT, but I'm looking at your purses in your signature and your wish list, and we have the same exact taste, seriously. Meaning, I think you have FABULOUS taste!!! :lol:
  3. Awww, that must have been hard to let her go!!! Please let us know when you get her back and how the repairs turn out!
  4. Yes we do have very similar taste!! Ah yes- excellent taste!

    It is ridiculous to not have gotten my Stella repaired sooner. It is my work bag - I load everything into it, so it is a hassle to give her up.
  5. Yay, I'm glad you're getting her fixed. You won't have to worry about cuts anymore on your fingers. BTW, what's the name of the place that Mercer recommended?
  6. The Mercer store recommended:

    Fordham Expert Leather Repair
    10 East 33rd Street, 3rd Floor

    Here is a article from NY Mag where Fordham is mentioned. I have used Superior Leather Restorers before for my leather jacket. They were pricey but did a great job.
  7. Please let us know how it goes. I can foresee this happening to me, sometimes I use my bags so hard :shame: and I want to anticipate if it is going to cost me an arm and a leg!
  8. After you use hand lotion and it is mostly gone rub the zipper with your Fingers. It will reduce the drag or tightness letting the Zipper move
    easier, reducing breakage. PS just do not rub anything but the metal of the zipper itself.
  9. You ladies must be lucky. I called MJ Boutiques regarding my lost gold stud and they wouldn't help me...they referred me to a repair store in NY (I live in TX), the repair store in NY wouldn't tell me if they could even fix it without be bringing it in (I can't b/c I live in TX). I called Nordy's & they told me all bags must be send to NY for repairs (?) and they can't do anything (didn't buy it at Nordy's but I was hoping they at least had a replacement part they could send me). *Sigh*
  10. Ha! That place is right down the street from where I work! I took a bag all the way up to artbag on 86th ... they're charging me a pretty penny for repairs and alterations.
  11. Other members have posted threads about their zipperpulls coming off too. I wonder if the stiffness of the zippers is causing the pulls to wear out prematurely? I've read here that rubbing beeswax on the zipper teeth may help reduce friction. Hmmmmm.

    Note to self--buy beeswax tomorrow.
  12. Instead of contacting the MJ boutique, try emailing MJ through the website and see if they will refer you to Moda Express. That's MJ's main repair company in the US. In either case, you may need to send your bag off to get her repaired. Good luck!
  13. My dog chewed the middle of my strap to my MJ!! This is super helpful and I live in NY. When I went to the Mercer store, they said they can't help..