My Steel AC mini city came today....

  1. WOAH!!!

    It was love at first sight as soon as I opened the box!! I immediatley emptied out the contents of my current bag and stashed them in my new Anna corinna.

    I am really suprised because its not as small as it looks. I put all my stuff inside and I still have loads of room to spare.

    The Steel colour is exactly what I was hoping for. A perfect 'with-jeans' bag! The colour is best shown on the first three pics.

    The bag is lightweight but the leather feels thicker than I thought it would.
    Ooohhh I love this bag.

    Im just off out with it now to see how it copes with London life...;)




  2. Wow, it's gorgeous. Where did you buy it?
  3. Very very cooool. I know I love mine. It's such an understated bag that deserves big raves. I like how it doesn't really feel or even look like some great bag until you use it once. Then you're hooked.
    Looks great on you!
  4. Gorgeous! I love that color, its the same color my my Lady Duffle is in and it looks they're both the same leather too. You picked a winner, girl!:tup:
  5. Beautiful. Great color and yummy texture. It looks great on you.
  6. It's so hard to find a great gray bag. Absolutely love the color and it looks great on you.
  7. Wow, that is stunning! I almost got one myself, if I didn't already have it in black.
  8. Wow! I think I need that bag!
  9. Congrats! That color is beautiful!
  10. Wow that bag is fantastic!! I am almost all saved up for my AC City and I am sooo excited. I think I am going to go pick it up at Luna Boston on the 21st!

    I can't wait, AC bags are fantastic!

  11. OMG GORGEOUS!!! I love their bags, wear my AC Jet Setter Jr all the time now!:supacool:
  12. It's gorgeous!I just love that steel color...FAB!:tup:
  13. Love it Halzer! It looks great on you too!
  14. Thanks girls! I took it out today and it seems to be just what I need.
    I love the way you can use the shoulder strap but unfold it and use it in 'carrier bag' mode if you need to.

    Im already considering a larger one for daytrips out.... :graucho:
  15. Great bag! :tup: