my steal from MJ!!!! Litterally lol

  1. I dont really own a good pair of designer jeans , but i love jeans and i wear them everywhere i have a total of 23 pairs or something!!!! i was at David jones the other day (here in Australia that's an uppermaket department store like Barney's) anyway that had thsi huge sale on clothes i was looking at the MJ and fell in love with a pair i tried them on and they fitted perfectly (the best part that they were labeled a size down from what i usually wear!!!) i looked at the price tag and it was $600, with 10% discount off $60 a red price tag was posted displaying this, i didnt want to spend my entire winter buget on jeans so with them in hand i looked at some cheaper brands, and this was when i overheard the sa tell the intern to just type whats writted on the red tag, as most pieces had thier reduced price posted, in my case it was the discount!!! i waited until the sa left and asked the intern for a price check, i thought i have nothing to losse, if he tells me its 540 ill say thats out of my price range. So to my suprise the intern rang them up as $60 the red tag price!!! i quicky decided to get them and rushed out of the store so they couldnt realize thier mistake, i later bought a burberry scarf to match i love my new additions to my wardrobe
  2. Ahaha. I'm sure the MJ corp would do fine without the 500 dollars.

    Congratulations on awesome jeans! MJ's clothes are so cute.
  3. picture!!!
  4. Oh wow, a heck of a deal. Please post some pics for us to see. =)
  5. oh my gosh dats a great deal!! yeah post some more picture!! =)
  6. Oh my god haha that's awesome!!! Please post pics :amuse:

    Same thing happened to me at the Guess store. I went to buy a watch and there was a discount... it was 150$, but it was on sale (I went during the Xmas holiday) for 100$ but apparently it was 50% of for the day only, so I decided to get it. Imagine my surprise when the cashier asked me for 23$ only :lol: I paid and wanted to run off asap but they actually fitted the watch and everything and never wondered how on EARTH a watch could be so discounted when it was new season stock... :shocked: Needless to say, I walked out the store a happy girl that day :P
  7. Wow that's great! But I always thought MJ jeans were only like $200? Did they have a special wash or fit or something? Congrats! I consider it good deal if I can get a button down that retailed for $158 for $100!
  8. In Australia everything we buy, that is from overseas designers, is ridiculously priced. Marc Jacobs especially because there's hardly anywhere we can buy it from :sad: The same goes with LV, Chanel, MAC makeup, everything. It's so sad and expensive :cry:
  9. Congrats! That's quite a deal.
  10. Haha, nice!
  11. hahaha! that's great!

    congrats!!! post a pic if you can, they sound marvelous on you!
  12. Congrats! That is a GREAT deal!
  13. i have huge tests comming up so in about a week ill post some pics!!!
  14. I KNOW!! The LV Koala wallet is $960... that price makes me want to cry!!!

    Where did you find MJ at David Jones ?? I have never seen MJ there!!!!
  15. enjoy ur latest purchase.. besides, it was their mistake, not urs so enjoy it...