My starter collection!!(already addicted )

  1. Although I initially wanted DK silver 226 I loooooooove my Met Bk.:tup: I think it was better choice for me since I just started collecting chanel.

    But should I keep the beige EW or exchange to Le Marais silver-gold? you guys think that Le Marais (silver-gold color) will be still available in October?
  2. I would say the beige as it will give your a variety of colors.
  3. Beautiful colors and welcome to the addiction! It's a lot of fun. :wlae:
  4. I like the beige EW, but I think Le Marais silver-gold is more gorgeous :tup:
  5. Very nice collection!

    The beige looks gorgeous! I'd keep that one since the le marais in silver or gold is also mettalic like your met. black. Also, the E/W price will go up soon, so you might want to hold on to it and get the Le Marais later.
  6. Welcome and congrats on your collection. I would say keep the beige - it is a great classy color and works with various colors so well. Beautiful bags!!!
  7. keep the beige, it's such a classic bag!
  8. I prefer the beige EW.
  9. Congrats! Keep the beige e/w.
  10. Your collection if off the a great start, very classy!!! I think the Le Marais silver-gold may be worth an exchange. However, the beige EW is still TDF.
  11. Congrats! I think I like the beige bag better.
  12. lovely collection
  13. I also prefer the beige e/w. Your collection is a perfect start. You have 2 classic bags that will go with everything.
  14. I also prefer the beige. Beautiful.
  15. Great starter collection....keep the beige e/w.