My start at jewellery making :)

  1. Just rings so far as i'm to poor to buy any materials for anything else but I plan on doing some other jewellery pieces next month:graucho:

    This is like preserving a piece of the Universe in a ring, my favourite.

    Cult Nails Secution

    Nfo. oh 63 holographic

    I can paint a rainbow

    Hope you like:smile:
  2. These are awesome kezza!

    Are these glass? Did you paint the bottom part, or purchase them as is? They're so pretty --- eye catching rings are so in right now.;)
  3. Yes I bought clear cabochons and painted the bottom :smile: I have basic ring bases but I am hoping to get better ones that protect the polish more when I am not lacking in funds lol I don't have a big supply of polish though so i'm limited to what I can do :p
  4. Cool! You have to seal the polish so it won't rub off... either use mod podge (the small bottle is so cheap) or resin.:smile: A strong glue that will dry clear is also great on this, though I just typically use mod podge as sealer whan I painted my glass gems.:smile:
  5. I really like the rainbow one, it's very pretty!
  6. Thankyou :biggrin: I will look for some of that for my next ones, I plan to get good sealing ring bases to protect the sides as well, these were just some practices for now as I couldn't wait to try them out lol :biggrin:
  7. those are really fun!
  8. Thanks :smile:
  9. good job!!
  10. They all look great.
  11. The first one is fantastic! I wish you inspiration! Stay creative)
  12. Awesome :smile:
  13. Those are beautiful!!
  14. Really apologise for not getting back, these are actually not with nail polish :smile:
  15. Wow! amazing creation kezza i love these rings.