My Stams

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  1. Not great pics, the bags look way nicer in real life than on these pics.

    But just to give you all an idea.

    For some reason my cream (white chiffon) bag pic wont load.
    Stam1.jpg Stams.JPG Topaz.JPG
  2. I love the topaz! That colour is so great IRL!
  3. Ooooh, love the topaz. Beautiful bags, you're so lucky! The Stam isn't sold in poor underprivileged Australia :sad:.
  4. Gorgeous! The pics turned out great!!:yes:
  5. That Topaz is a beautiful color! Congratulations!!
  6. Lovely.
  7. Thanks everyone :smile: Im really pleased with them. Im really into the Stam (if you cant tell) lol.
  8. very pretty! i love that you have a classic black and a fun color as well - that topaz is so cool!
  9. i love the topaz. :drool:
  10. i adore the topaz (although the black's not bad either). well done!!!
  11. beautiful family! the topaz looks amazing! Congrats!
  12. Yeah i just had to buy it. I walked into the boutique and went crazy, im suprised i wasnt asked to leave lol. Us women are bag mad arent we.
  13. Wow, very pretty bags!
  14. aww they both look great sitting side by side!! good looking family =)
  15. Lucky you! you have three stams in the fabulous colors! Congrats!