My Stamped GM**Lookie Lookie

  1. After all the drama yesterday surrounding another (former) PF'ers Stamped GM I decided to post pics of my authentic one. :graucho:

    LOL :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    No offense to the other gal who posted a fake. Maybe she didnt know. :shrugs: I didnt even notice when I saw her pic. And I own the bag. LOL.
    You detective PF'ers are good. :roflmfao:

    Anyway---here's what a real one looks like ladies. Very sleek bag.

    This bag is very classic. I have been hesistant to keep it though b-cuz I wanted the $$ to buy something else but now I may reconsider. It is gorgeous.
    stamped1.jpg stampmodelpic.jpg
  2. :drool: It looks so great on you! ;)
  3. You cracked my stuff up! :lol: You kook! (And I mean this with the utmost affection) Looks great on you and I'd keep it....:love: :drool:
  4. gorgeous! someone posted a fake one?! i must have missed it...
  5. nice bag, me likey!!!
  6. Looks great on you, congrats!
  7. It's beautiful... I think I just found my next LV Lust!! :smile:
  8. So pretty, I have been drooling over your bag since I saw it in the clubhouse.
  9. I've always liked this bag, it looks fabulous on you, Courtney!
  10. Very nice.. Congrats on your authentic handbag... :flowers:
  11. I actually tought that bag looked strange but I didn't want to say anything I tought I was wrong
    THIS ONE is candy for the eye :love:
  12. It's nice to see one not shrouded in darkness..:sneaky:
    Looks fab on you!
  13. You better keep that!!!!!!!!! :p So stunning, hehe.
  14. I love this bag....I want one. Does anyone know if you can still get this bag through LV?

  15. that's what i said! where's the fake thread??? i just wanna see what the fake looks like.