My stam got lost ;(

  1. Hi,
    i've purchased a bag from an eBay seller a while ago. the bag was authenticated from fellow forum members and the seller shipped the package on the 8th of January with express mail and insurance (at least that is what i've told her to do and what she claims to have done) and it should have got here in a couple of days but it never did.
    So today i called the italian postal office and the custom to have more information about my package and they told me they never got it.
    At this point i can only assume that my bag got lost, or more probably that someone stole it.
    I'm so mad because it was supposed to be my first stam and i'm really in love with that bag.
    Moreover it was supposed to be my own christmas present, i've worked during the last few months to earn some money and now i've lost them, and the only person that i could blame is me.
  2. How did you pay? You should be able to get your money back if it was a cc or paypal should be able to help. I can't believe you can't get some sort of relief somewhere? Good luck!
  3. So sorry to hear this. Definitely get your money back and ask seller for proof of mailing, etc. That is terrible. This is one of the main reasons that I am seriously thinking of just buying my next Stam from MJ store or local dept. store. The idea of spending that much money and then hoping it arrives safely and in the condition you think it should is just a little too chancey. I know these transactions usually work out and I have never had a problem with E-bay items arriving, but something like this is really disappointing.
  4. Sad! Is there any possibility that it took a little longer than expected?
  5. muggles: 750$ >.< i dont think paypal can help, ill try to call them today but as far as i know they can only refund you if the seller doesnt have proof of delivery, which she has ;(thanks btw

    rorosity: exactly!! When i purchased it I was scared that something like this could happen. But i never had problems either so i thought "why should it happen this time?"
    but it did and now i regret not going to my local store and get it from there.Even if i had to pay double the money i've lost.

    Yesther: nope, unfortunately it was shipped thru express mail and it is supposed to get to the destination after 4 5 days.
  6. How can there be proof of delivery if you never got it? You did not sign for it? Did you pay with cc, they should be able to help!
  7. This all sounds a bit strange. You said the Post Office said they never got it. So there is no proof of postage or delivery?
  8. i've got the tracking number from the usps, and that's the message i get from the day it was shipped

    Your item left the United States from NJI at 6:15 PM on January 13, 2008.

    So i called the italian postal office, where it was supposed to arrive and they told me they never got it!
  9. You then have proof you nevr received it! Paypal should help, have you tried?
  10. i find paypal to be generally frustrating and useless. since the seller insured the package, she should be able to recover the value of the lost package then refund you the $750 you paid her. did you pay using a credit card? if so, you also have the option of filing a chargeback if paypal and/or the seller says they are not responsible. i hope this gets resolved in your favor.
  11. Definitely keep up on this and follow through. If there was insurance and it is obvious you did not receive it, demand a refund. Do not give up...then, when you get your money back, run to your nearest MJ store and get your Stam!! I am so sorry about this. I would be really upset. You can get your money back, though. I truly believe that. Keep us updated.
  12. What method did the seller use? EMS, priority? If it was EMS you should be able track it here:
    Also it may be stuck in customs in Italy, I wouldn't give it up. Hope your stam turns up soon, good luck :smile:
  13. muggles: nope because she has proof that she actually shipped the bag so paypal wont help

    tadpolenyc: i used a debit card :sad: im only praying that she actually insured the package for the full value otherwise im not getting all the money back! thank you

    rorosity: i already asked the seller to claim a refund and she said she will do it today, so let's see! thanks i will let you know what happens next!

    beany: she said she used express mail from usps with insurance.
    That's what i thought: that it could be stuck in customs in italy and i called them but they told me they never got a package addressed to me and with that tracking number ;(

    thank you all girls!
    I knew you would understand my situation: i was so looking forward to having my first stam
    i'll keep you updated :love:
  14. You poor thing! Don't worry, the seller must provide signature proof of DELIVERY to be exempt from a Paypal claim. Contact Paypal immediately and file a claim. Good luck! :flowers:
  15. Sorry that this happened to you. Hopefully you will get your money soon. I thought that the insurance claim was done by the receipient. Can't you call your bank and file a claim of non-receipt? Really hope that it all works out to your favor.