My Staff

  1. I had just finished a project a few days ago and took a dinner break bofore cleaning up after myself. Well, I inadvertently left the door to the studio unlatched and my opportunistic staff members took advantage of my lapse of attention. I don't let the cats in the sewing room because I do not want fur on other people's stuff. So, no only did I have to clean, I had to de-fur! I took a few quick photos of my lazy-butts before clearing them out. Please excuse the mess.
    Beaver Napping On My Desk400.jpg Mao On The Ironing Board400.jpg Napping Eddy400.jpg
    The first one is Beaver, he's taken up the excutive position on my desk. At 18 years old, he's the "old man" and sometimes cranky with the other cats.
    Next is Mao. I'm really glad he did not knock off my iron when he got up on the ironing board! Great place to nap, I guess. Now, I have to wash the cover.
    Eddy is the gray kitty on my cutting table. Don't worry, all the cutters have the guards on them and the scissors are sheathed. He is however, laying on Phoebe's purse and whatever scraps I have laying around.
    More pictures in the next post.
  2. Phoebe On my Sewing Chair400.jpg
    This is Phoebe, or what you can see of her. She's on my old, but still functional and comfortable sewing chair.

    As you have probably gathered, the only one who does any work is me! No wonder I don't let them in the studio!
    I hope you enjoyed the pictures.
  3. Cute, cute, cute!
  4. So cute! I can relate to this situation, my cats are all like this too when they are being let out into my office. They jump from desk to desk making them their playground, LOL!
  5. Thanks!
    They are cute and if there is anything new laying around guess where one or more of them would be? Also, it happens to be the kitty with the fur which shows up best on the fabric. How do they do that? Do they look at their fur and compare it to the fabric or other object and decide whether or not it contrasts enough?
  6. That is too cute!

  7. Ha!Ha! Probably!! I know mine want to jump all over me the minute I'm wearing a wool coat so their fur really sticks on like super glue!:shrugs:
  8. I don't have much wool, but the cats can pick it out very quickly. But, do you know what they really love? Silk! Fur is not easy to get out of that, either. Velvet is another fave.
  9. Your staff seem to be sleeping on the job most of the time. :smile: Great pics, please feel free to post more.
  10. Really, I don't know why I keep them on! Can't get any work out of them even if they aren't sleeping. Then, they demand I stop whatever I'm doing to take care of their needs, like feeding them. Phoebe and Eddy can be counted on to unwind the ribbons and make a tangled mess. And, they do keep the house vermin-free. Maybe it's the cute factor along with the purry-furry thing that keeps them in free room and board. Gee, I wish I had their jobs and a life like theirs.
    I will certainly post more pictures of them since I am always taking photos.
  11. that's SO cute :biggrin:
  12. Here are the lagomorphs (rabbits). Well, two of them, anyway. I finally got a picture of Spot.
    Cats And Bunnies500.jpg
    Lucy and Mao are in the background. Lucy is the calico and Mao is the yellow one. Buster, the big brown bunny is munching on dinner with Spot, the white bunny with dark ears and nose.
    Lucy, Mao, Buster And Spot500.jpg
    The only time I could get a picture of Spot was to feed her first. They do have horrible table manners, so they get fed on the patio so I can clean it up easily afterward.
  13. My goodness! Rabbits too! How cute they are. Do they get along with the cats? I don't anything about rabbits, except the wild ones in my yard, but yours are very pretty!
  14. The cats and rabbits actually get along fairly well, unless Buster is feeling frisky or territorial. He then snorts and chases the cats (who run). Hershey and a couple of the younger cats like to play chase.
  15. ^
    Do you have dogs too? Any other pets in your household?