My square Muse bag arrived today

  1. Hey guys! My square Muse arrived today. I already have 3 other Muse bags. Anyway, I love this bag. I won't use it as a handbag though. I'll use it as a laptop bag or something like that. It'll always come in handy. It's beautiful. Anyway, here are the pics:


  2. WOW!!! I've never seen a square muse before, just the curved ones. I'm really liking the shape too, and in a classic black! Congratuations! You shuld really use it as a laptop bag, it would be so luxurious! ;)
  3. love the shape, it's so interesting. Looks like it would work well as a laptop bag. Congrats and enjoy.
  4. wow that's a cute bag. very nice! i like the muse bag a lot. very classic looking.
  5. ah dup post.
  6. Thanks so much for sharing - I also didn't know it came in that shape!! It's looks beautiful and functional!!:biggrin:
  7. like a lunch box! but nicer!
  8. It would be great for laptops and documents, files and so on. Congrats!!
  9. Wow I never knew the Muse came in a square shape....guess I learn something new here everyday!

    Yasmin - did you have to special-order it through YSL?...or is it part of the fall collection that's coming out later?
  10. A square Muse? Wow, I didn't know it came in a square shape. I do like the other Muse better but this is cute too. Congrats!
  11. Wow - never seen a square muse before - Thanks for sharing.
  12. It's gorgeous! I really love it! Enjoy your new Muse :roflmfao:
  13. Very pretty! Dont forget to watermark your pictures, dont want someone taking them and trickin' folks on eBay.
  14. ^^^How do you do that?
  15. Oh, Thanks! However, I really don't know how to watermark my pics. Can anyone tell me how? Thanks in advance!
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