My Spys are packed and I'm ready to go

  1. Well I finally managed to get all my spys into my suitcases without squashing them, so I am all packed ready to go.
    One more day and I'm off on my hols for 11 nights.
    Shall miss talking to you lot, but look out for what new spys I find on my travels ;) and do not forget about the Snowglobe Com., for when I am back. Will be online for a little while tomorrow (monday) then of. Got an early 5.00a.m start.

    Cannot wait to see my Black Pearl spy that Deco has been holding on for me :yahoo:. Yayyyyyyy I am heading for the USA.
  2. Yay, I get to be the first to wish you and your spies a safe and fun trip! Can't wait to see what souvenirs you bring home!:heart:
  3. have fun!
  4. I suppose after this Thread Title we are all supposed to Chime in::happydance:

    "SAICHs leavin' on a Jet Plane, don't know when she'll be back again...":party:

    Ladies, hide your Spy BAGS! There is not an LE Spy that's safe once SAICH hits the Mainland! :true:

    Have a Great Trip SAICH!!

  5. ^hahahha, If I had any I would give them to her as she seems like an amazing spy mommy!!! lol!!

    Have can come visit Ohio, or no, shop at the better places there are!!!
  6. Hope you have a comfortable journey! I can't wait to see what you bring back:balloon:
  7. No place will be safe when I hit the US, hold onto your spys ladies.

    Will so miss chatting to you all, think I shall have PF withdrawal thanks everyone for your well wishes.
  8. have a great trip! :flowers:
  9. Have a smashing holiday Saich. Shopping for goodies to show us usually helps with the tPF withdrawal symptoms.
  10. Saich, have a wonderful holiday sweetie!! Look forward to hearing all your shopping news!
  11. Have a safe holiday sweetie. Hope you come back with heaps of goodies and heaps of PHOTOS!!! I want to see photos of you out with your spies! Take care Saich...
  12. are, you are going to have the most fabulous time, enjoy yourself, see everything and report in if you can :biggrin:

    stay safe and we sooo expect to be green with envy at what you bring back lol :smile:
  13. Have a fun and safe trip! Remember not to buy out all our spys over here!
  14. Hope you have a good trip!
  15. Thanks everyone, a few more hours and I am of, will pop back later today to say "Bye".