My spy!

  1. My corded brown leather spy arrived today from Bluefly.... and I am in love!:heart:
    my spy 001.JPG my spy 003.JPG my spy 004.JPG
  2. OOO! Congrats! It looks lovely! :love: So, we can say that Bluefly is legit then ya?:yes:
  3. I know people have had issues with Bluefly in the past, but I've never had a problem. Nowadays they put a tag on bags to prevent the old bait and switch when people return bags. That said, I went over the bag and the gray card and the yellow card with a fine-tooth comb and everything seems to check out. (I did my homework and studied all the authentication tips from the experts in the forum.) Also, I studied the spies at Saks this weekend to really educate myself.

    I can't post pics of the details on here because I need the pics to be huge in order to capture that level of detail and am unable to size them down because of computer issues... but I can describe details or email photos if anyone seems concerned!
  4. Well KMSNYC, I just love it. :love: This would probably be one of the designs I would consider. Ohhhhh... Why can't I have a money tree so I can have them all!!
  5. I hear ya! I am selling three bags to fund this one!:P
  6. Congrats, that is a gorgeous gorgeous bag! Enjoy wearing your beautiful spy!
  7. Got mine on bluefly as well - totally authentic and lovely! Congrats!
  8. [​IMG]

  9. Nice! Really like the look of the corded spys. Too bad they don't seem to be in production anymore!
  10. Big congrats!! You corded spy is beautiful!!:P

    I've never seen one IRL as stock is very limited here in Australia!

    I posted a new thread about Blushing/fading issue, just wondering whether the corded spy will be immune from that as the leather is treated??:confused1:

    Enjoy your spy, I'm still saving up to get one!;)
  11. Congrats! I love spys!
  12. Dont you just love the pleated leather, think these bags are so stunning. big Congrats
  13. ooh! lovely! What a gorgeous color. Looks like someone ran a scraper through chocolate...I mean that in a GOOD way!
  14. I think I gotta get me one of these, You have truly tempted me....:drool:
    I'm gonna watch the Blue Fly specials & maybe make my move......:graucho:

    :heart:That is one gorgeous bag, I just love the corded leather....:heart: Congratulations! :yahoo:
  15. Beautiful! Congrats & enjoy. =)