My Spy family is now complete. For now....

  1. Given my recent fortuitous Spy finds, it's a good time for a nice Spy Family portrait. Please enjoy these with me:heart:

    First, the recent arrivals, and rivals for my current attention: Cherry and Green.


    Next, the Triumvirate:


    The Metallic Gold is no wallflower.


    The Nappa Family Photo with flash.


    And finally, Black Moncler joins the festivities. My collection is complete. :drool:

    1green 019.jpg 1green 020.jpg 1green 024.jpg 1green 032.jpg 1green 027.jpg
  2. oh wow, that new green is soooo gorgeous

    you really do have an amazing spy collection, congrats. So lovely
  3. It's a Spy Rainbow! Beautiful!
  4. I love your collection! Each and every one of them is TDF! Major eye candy...
  5. Wow! All those colors! Do you have a favorite, or just switch them out? Congrats :yahoo: !
  6. I loveeeee them all!!!

    Beautiful spy collection!

  7. Those are absolutely gorgeous. I ADORE the colored ones!! You are so lucky. That cherry is just out of this world. But then so are the green and the hard to pick a fav. *L*
  8. Wow wow wow

    Great pics, drool worthy!

    Makes me want more now
  9. Oh my goodness! My top 3 faves all under one roof, (petrol, cherry, green)! :nuts: Too bad it's not my roof! :crybaby:

    If you ever need help carrying your bags, just let me know. I'm on Saich's waiting list, but I'm closer to Denver than London! ;)
  10. oh my god they are stunnin!!!!!!!!!
  11. I think the cherry is lovely--it shows better in these pics than the ones you posted before. What a great collection!
  12. Simply stunning :love:

    You have an amazing collection!
  13. You have an impressive collection of Spy bags! Love the variety!
  14. Wow, all gorgeous... you are a lucky girl :drool:
  15. I Love your spy collection. And that poofy one really stands out amongst them. I Love that bag now!