my spring'07 purchases..(i hope it stops there)

  1. so yea i went to LV few weeks back and bought me a trotterMM in bequia white and recently i went there again to hav a look at the patchwork speedy (it's for my sister), and i purchased the well-loved sacoche in soana in marron fonce!!!

    my life feels soo perfect now.i mean i got both the bags i wanted the most.:yahoo:

    as for my sister, the patchwork will only be here in june. and itslike monthssss to wait. instead of putting down some deposit for her patchwork, she bought herself the dentelle was totally an impulse purchase.totally a 'shopaholic-complex'.i hope she really likes it 'coz until now i never really saw her using it.

    i guess im on a shopping ban now.been spending too much lately.and below is collection of photos of the 3 bags i'd love to share.:heart:

    the trotterMM in bequia white:


    the lovely sacocheMM in soana marron fonce:[i was undecisive at first about the color since most of us here prefered the caramel than the marron.but myim just gonna follow with i think is right.i hope i am right:smile:]

    the 'folded' look:

    both the 'spring07' family in picture together:
  2. How awesome!

    Congrats on the new bags. :smile:

    Also, as it states in the title "I hope it stops there"... :roflmfao: The LV craving will NEVER stop. :devil:
  3. and owh, another photo of my sister's dentelle:


    that's all for now. hav a nice day!
  4. congrats! those 2 bags are gorgeous!
  5. love the trotter in white!congrats. Goodluck on your shopping ban.sometimes it's the hardest thing:yes: ;) :push:
  6. waouh! congrats!!!
  7. Beautiful purchases!!!

  8. i know i know.but the least i could hope for is a ban for a season.:peven that sounds hard for me.

    but anyway thanks john!
  9. Wowie, love all the LVs. Congratz!
  10. Everything is absolutely stunning Congrats both of you!
  11. Lovely bags! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Great choices, I love your new bags. ( And your sis's speedy is cool too.:p )
    Good luck with the shopping ban too - LV is impossible to resist for most of us.:sweatdrop:
  14. Congrats! I love your new bags.
  15. congrats on all.