My spoiled little princess


Happy to be me
Jul 12, 2006
Yesterday we had a graduation dinner party to attend at Waikiki so we all got dressed and ready to go early. Since it was a special event, my little girl got to wear her LV inclusion hair cubes. I figured she was all set with her little Hello Kitty purse and the tiny bit of LV on her hair. I was totally wrong. She threw her purse down and decided she needed even more LV, lol. So she took my purse from my hand and then started walking away.

When I called her to come back and take her own purse, she just turned around and smiled. See the devious little smile she has. Interestingly enough she even knows how to hold her purse the right way. On the crook of her arm. DH was laughing saying that she has been watching and learning from me a little too well, lol.

So then she put the purse down and took her sweater off. I picked the sweater up off the ground and was ready to grab the purse, but she picked it up again quickly and was ready to go. And before she took off, she gave me the princess wave. Not the regular wave hi or goodbye, but the little pageant wave. So sassy, hehe.

When we got to the party, I told her "xxxxx, say hi" and she cut me off and said "Princess". She doesn't know many words and we call her by her name, so the fact that she was correcting me to call her princess was so funny and important at the same time. It was in that funny little instant that we realized that she wasn't always the little tomboy playing with her brothers action figures. She was letting us know she was indeed our little princess. And the whole night she was smiling at people, saying "hi", and doing her little princess wave. It was a good night.


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aww your 'princess' is soo cute!! the hair cubes look great on her and of course your (or is it officially hers now?) framboise reade :tup:
Lol, she is usually such a tomboy playing with the boys, but when it comes to purses and LV, she knows her stuff. She was looking at her hair in the mirror smiling at herself.