My splurge

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  1. Since I started with this forum, I have already bought two Balenciaga, one city (bought mini bowling, but switch to city intead) and one work in a month. I tried to control myself not to purchase another one before the Christmas, but I just can't stop myself going through ebay and forum try to find another one in different color. This B bag splurge is so addictive!!!!!

    I like city a lot, it's just the right size. Work seems like kind of big, and it's hard to carry it on my shoulder during the winter time. I want to get a weekend, is the weekend has the same length of handle as work?
  2. Im right there with you...! It's hard to restrain yourself once you have started!
  3. 0o0o0 the addication is strong...
  4. congrats, baiyishang and welcome to the Bbag's futile to resist!!
  5. baiyishang... congrats on your b bags :P
    they're really tempting and hard to resist :yes:
    i don't have a work, but i have a weekender and my handles is sure bigger than the city and really comfortable on the shoulder.
    but i believe, after lot of used, especially if you carry quite heavy things, the shoulder will stretched by time which only make them more comfortable on the shoulder :P
  6. I am with you ... this addiction is so b:heart: d!

    I don't have a weekender but the ones I saw seem to have longer handles than the work I had.
  7. I did the same thing. I bought my Rouge Vif First and 2 weeks later I got my Black Purse. So 2K on bags in less than a month! youch.

    Now...I want the BRIEF so bad. Damnitall. I need a job:smile:
  8. Raise your right hand and repeat after me...:rochard:

    "I, (insert name here), am a Balenciaga addict..." :true:

    The first step in beating an addiction is to acknowledge you have one...

    Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it :graucho: ), we ladies on the Bal forum have never made it past the first step! :lol: :wlae:
  9. I so am an addict!! I have bought 4 of them in the past month and sold two. I need help!!!
  10. Same deal with me, Baiyishang! I came to this forum after seeing a bag on the street and doing some research as to what "Balenciaga" was (duh). A few days later, I had bought my first, a Marron First. That was just LAST FRIDAY! Yesterday I BINed a Rouille Twiggy. That's insane!

    I think what makes it addictive is the way the leather is colored. Each bag truly is unique. They're like little works of art we can carry on our arms. And we could all have the same bag in the same color, but each would have its own personality.

    I know that there are some folks out there who malign these bags because "everyone has one." But that's just on the surface. Each bag is an individual masterpiece.

    I'm hooked!
  11. I just can't help myself now. The more I read this forum, the more addictive I am with this Balenciaga bag. Now I have my eyes on the purse after I saw the picture of comparing city and purse.

    After I have my first B-bag, I just don't want to spend any money on other brand anymore. I just love the texture, the leather, the style. It's not like LVs, Gucci, everyone has one. This is just so special.
  12. I think there is very little difference between the length of the handles on the Work and the Weekender ... almost negligible. The Men's Weekender has noticeably longer handles - but is only available in very limited colors (e.g., black, ink).
  13. Uh huh... so true! I'm BADLY addicted too! :Push:
  14. The Weekender fit over my shoulder just fine and I wear it that way instead of carrying it.