My splurge at Gucci today

  1. bag2g.jpg
    I got both of these today, the tan one was $459 from $1160 and the black one If I remember correctly was $689 I think from from $1200.:heart:
  2. Congrats - they're TDF!! I love the black guccisima and the caramel color of the second one is so rich :love:
  3. nice bags. congrats
  4. Congrats! I love sales.
  5. gorgeous!! and what great deals
  6. wow awesome deals on those bags, congrats!!
  7. That was a really great deal on the tan one! Congratulations!
  8. great deals and bags you got there ;)
  9. Gorgeous bags and colors!
  10. They're both so pretty
  11. gorgeous bags!!! i have a bag similar to the black me you will :heart: it. Congrats!!
  12. wow!!!
  13. Congrats! That is a great deal =)
  14. Great bags! Great prices! Congrats!
  15. Gorgeous, and you scored some great deals !
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