My splurge at Bob Ellis today

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  1. So today I went to Charlotte and discovered a store called Bob Ellis. They had some nice Gucci bags and I ended up buying one. It is my first Gucci. Check it out. I hope the pics will do it justice.
    gucci1.JPG gucci2.JPG gucci3.JPG
  2. Cute..I bought that bag from Saks...its adorable!
  3. So cute! Welcome to the Gucci club girl! I love it!
  4. That is cute! Bob Ellis is a great store very nice customer service
  5. As many times as I have been there I never noticed it. That is the only store that sells Gucci, Prada, Bottega, Manolo, and Sergio Rossi in NC.
  6. Thanks! Its nice to finally become a member of the club. ;)
  7. And we're happy to have you in the club! Cute purse.
  8. Bob Ellis is excellent - there has been one in Atlanta for years, they recently renamed is Jeffrey and remodeled it to attach to the clothing store of the same name (there is also a Jeffrey in NYC). Jeffrey and Bob Ellis are owned by Jeffrey Kalinsky, who i believe is also the head buyer (or something similar) for Nordstrom.
  9. I love that bag!! It's classic with a twist!

    Great buy
  10. That's one of the bags I really want. Love it.
  11. Very urban and chic......congrats and welcome to the club!