My Split Bal Family Pics

  1. Here are half of my Bbag collection that I brought with me to Sydney. My Grenat Work is on her way(from our lovely monsoon:heart: ), and I'm also waiting for my AnthraCity.

    Top: 03 Olive Brown WE
    2nd Row:06 Black Work, 06 Black Oval, 07 Cafe Work
    3rd Row: 03 Gray City, 06 Truffle City
    4th Row:04 Eggplant Twiggy, 03 Emerald First
    5th Row: 04 LimitedEd Holiday Pewter Mini Twiggy,
    02 Flat Brass Black First, 04 Emerald Opened Shoe Mini Bag
    6th Row: 04 Eggplant Coin Purse, 04 LimitedEd Holiday Pewter Coin Purse.

    Opened shoe bag is from SS04 collection, and the design is taken from the perforated collection shoes with stacked heel. The bag is made out of goat skin and python!
    IMG_0436.jpg IMG_0438.jpg IMG_0443.jpg IMG_0449.jpg
  2. Yum! Would love to dive right in!!!

    And to think that's there another HALF of fabulous bags.

  3. Back home I have: 03 Mastic First, 04 Maroon Twiggy, 03 Lilac City, 04 Eggplant WE, 04 Opened Shoe Large Bag in True Red, FW04 Space-y Structured Tote in Wild Boar Skin in Bone, 04 Eggplant WE, FW04 Maroon/DK Brown Aviator Helmet Bag in Camel Skin, FW03 Goat Skin/Nylon Wind Breaker Parachute/Bowling Bag in Black

    I uploaded some pics to give you an idea of what my non-motorcycle bags look like.

    The first pic is the SS04 collection shoes, where my 04 Opened Shoe Bag's design stems from. If you could cut open the shoes and lay the front part on the ground, that's my bag.(It's really hard to explain....imagine it from the pic!)

    The second pic is taken from an eBay auction. This is the same bag I have, just in black. This isn't practical, but the design is so interesting. those round cushiony things are actually cushioned and soft;) Also, how many bags are made out of Wild Boar, huh? Even though I rarely use mine, I love it. The bag didn't come with zipper closure, so I had BalNY install that for me, using the same leather.

    The 3rd pic is taken from atelier.naff's website. I have the exact same bag. This is actually from FW03, not 04 like it says on atelier.naff's website. This bag is so light, fits so much inside!
    100117011.jpg 2b96_12.JPG.jpg parachute.jpg
  4. Thanks, Incoral!!

    Yup, I've got another half.....which I won't be able to reunite with for a very, very long time:crybaby:
    my DH thinks I'm nuts....but what can I do? I'm totally helpless against the Bal temptation!!!!

    But you're getting up there as well, Incoral! Especially after this fall...:graucho:
  5. You listed 04 Eggplant WE twice. Does that mean you have two ....:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Where is this "home"? I'd love to come over and play! :sweatdrop:

    Gosh! I wish my next door neighbors have a collection that's totally TDF. :drool:

    Oh yeah, this collection DESERVES to be enlarged

  6. Ooops, I listed Eggplant WE twice!!! No, I don't have two of them unfortunately:p
    Incoral, thanks for pointing that out!

    I'm from NY originally, but moved to Sydny nearly a year ago. I wasn't going back home for the next 4 years, so I was in agony when I left.....couldn't decide which bags to take with me!
  7. [​IMG]

    Tooshies - OMG~~~:yahoo: I LOVE ALL UR COLLECTIONS....the leathers are TDF....i feel like owning every each of them.....i'm droolin over it now:drool: :drool: Wow, if u ever want to part either one of them, let me know...hehehehehe.....:nuts:
  8. OMG! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    I didn't even notice the PEWTER COIN PURSE

    how cute! Okay, seriously, I'm coming over! :roflmfao:
  9. Oh goodness...u got my dreambag too, which is the 04 eggplant WE bag.....i'm droolin it now:drool: :drool:
  10. you. are. a. bbag. godess.
  11. Tooshies - out of curiousity, are u the original owners for all the bbags out there? Or u have been hunting one by one out with such a great collection here? heheheheh
  12. I love your eggplant mini coin purse, so cute!
    Lucky girl :biggrin:
  13. Incoral: Oh, yeah! Come over anytime! We'll play together:graucho: I wish I could come over to you place and pet your gorgeous FB and Sandstone Work!

    Incoral and Celia, thanks so much for enlarging the pics....I don't know how to do it!!
  14. Yup. I'm the original ower of all of my bags. I bought all of my bags BNW from BalNY(with a few exceptions of eBay, but they were still BNWT). I've never bought past season bags except for Ms.Grenat from monsoon, they were all current at that time and over time became vintage. But keep in mind that I've been a loyal fan since 2002....I'm one of the "oldie"s:graucho:
  15. Hahaha....i guess so too, coz i know u are a fans of bbag since sometime back....that's why u are another B-BAG QUEEN......:roflmfao: :roflmfao: