My Spiaggia

  1. My Spiaggia Zucca came today! It's a little bittersweet though. I think i'm happy because I got a new purse today but then i'm a little disappointed because i'm not thrilled with the placement. It has all the characters I would like, just not great (in my opinion) positions.

    I don't know what i'm going to do yet. Should I sell/return it and hold out for my perfect bag??? Should I get a whole different bag style also?? Should I... hahahah so many q's!

    Here's some pics... and yes, my crazy ass did take pics of all sides of the bag!:wlae:
  2. MamaxJam I like your zucca! The front of yours looks kinda like the front of mine but I LOVE the back of your zucca! You have Bastardino (i :heart: him) and you have the pilot with the "tokidoki for lesportsac" banner!! I don't even really have that on my bag! You can only see it on the bottom of my bag ... even then it only says "tokido" .. haha.

    Here's my bag (front and back only tho :smile:)


  3. Hahaha were Tokidoki front bag twins! Fraternal.. not identical hahahaha
  4. Haha :smile: Yay for twins! I think you should hold onto your bag until you find one you really love. I am definitely going to get another bag style once they get spiaggias in Macy's tho. I want Bastardino ... and I can't believe I'm going to buy a whole new bag for one character .. argh.

    My mom tried my zucca on for size and she was actually loving it so I'm actually going to get her her first tokidoki! I knew she'd give in eventually to toki-madness.
  5. I got mine :yahoo: I got mine :yahoo: I got mine:yahoo:
    This pic isn't my pic but the front of my bag looks exactly like this!


    And the back is even better :drool: Mamaxjam can you come over here and take a pic of my bag for me!

    I think you should keep yours until you find one that you absolutely :love: I :heart: mine so much that I don't think I need a second bag. I've got everyone on here except for the scuba diving nerd (sorry to those who love him) and I can do w/out him!! :yahoo:
  6. I love your bag, Tokiliciousjeny!!! I'll come over and take pics of your bag for you.. and then i'll steal your bag! Hahahahaha. I'm waiting for Casey over at Pulse to send me pics of their new shipment... hopefully she has good news for me!

    I do like my bag, I really do... i'm just really anal about the print placement! Hahahaha The dreadlock boy is so my tokihusband and since the hubby is the one who's always buying my bags for me.. I thought it's be nice to have a bag with him on it!
  7. The spiaggia zucca is so cute.

    MaMaxJam - I think you should keep the bag til you can find a better print placement in case the zucca becomes hard to find.
  8. I really like all of your bags and that shark boy is cute on yours jen. That seems so perfect! I'd get it but I don't really like all those babies packed on it (seems so dense and people would really think I'm crazy if I wore something like that lol) and it seems harder to match with clothing I think.
  9. yah they are my least fave..all the kiddies packed onto the beach..but then again that IS how some beaches
  10. Hahaahah it is a crowded ass beach! Must be a Saturday afternoon in June!
  11. I hate beaches that have tons of people.
  12. congrats!
  13. Yeah, but this would be a fun crowded beach. :graucho:
  14. hahah yes...i was talking about in real life though lolz. hell, i would love a beach with a unicorn.
  15. I just hate beaches.

    But I love Spiaggia :smile: