My Spiaggia Zucca just arrived! :D

  1. I LOVE IT!! I sold my Foresta Nuvola which was gorgeous but I was never going to use to get a Zucca, and found a lovely one in Spiaggia on eBay, and I ADORE IT!!





    The other side is identical.

    I'M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS BAG. :biggrin: I adore the lil' jellyfish and the size of the bag, and the shape, and the fish, and the fact that the bikini girls are off to the side (I hate them with a passion), and just, squee!! When I ordered it on eBay, I was like, "....I didn't see the sides. Oh no! What if their are bikini girls on the sides?" So I was very surprised this morning when it came and lo and behold, it's Shark boy on both sides. :biggrin:


    So I'm planning on using this as my out with family in the city bag. I :heart: it. :biggrin:

    SO, I first had a Lamore BV, which didn't rub me the right way, so I sold it then bought a Foresta Nuvola, which I didn't like the size and shape of, and then got a Spiaggia Zucca. :yahoo: We fans sure are crazy right?
  2. holy crap; THUMBNAILS PLEASE! :smile:

    edit: oh wait they shrunk. weird. :huh: they were huuuuuuuuuuuge at first.
  3. I know, when you resize the image, they do that at first. lol I know not to make them huge. :p
  4. That's a gorgeous Spiaggia Zucca, congrats! :love:
  5. Oh love your bag!! The placement is great especially since you have Adios surfing!!
  6. Great bag!!!! I also LOVE shark boy!!!!!!
  7. cute!
  8. congrats!!! I think your spiaggia zucca is beautiful!!! :woohoo:
  9. Congrats on the beautiful bag! I don't have a zucca yet-- in my v small collection. I also thought the nuvola was not comfortable-- but I liked the way it looked (sigh). Glad you're enjoying your beautiful print placement, too. :woohoo:
  10. I was eyeing thaat bag on eBay for a while, but decided to wait and go with my Vacanze bag for now and keep an eye out for a Spiaggia Zucca later. Congrats! I am glad it went to someone on here!
  11. aw, cuteee.