my spiaggia mm is here!

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    sorry i have the worst camera. but before i got my bag i hardly had any specifications of what i wanted it to look like. i just didn't want chopped off heads (oh well it happened but at least i got a full girl on the other side) and i wanted the unicorn and ciao ciao. well i got some of the unicorn and there are two ciao ciaos on top of the bag. needless to say i'm a little dissappointed but it's cute nonetheless
  2. Congratulations on your new bag! :yahoo: I think it's super cute and I love the unicorn in the corner. I wish my spiaggia MM had more of the ocean scene-- I only have it on the top and bottom of the bag.
  3. and that's funny because i wish it had more of the beach scene!
  4. i like it, but i hate chopped off heads too :sad: i like the back more than the front, even though i love my unicorn too.
  5. i love that little boy in the airplane...congrats!
  6. congrats!!
  7. i like the back better also. i was hoping i would luck out with a good print placement but you can't win them all :sad:
  8. congrats maromi!! Well at least you only have one chopped off head .. the bag is still really cute!! and I so LOVE the spiaggia print :love:
  9. there's actually three :sad: there's one on both of the sides
  10. ahh .. well it's still a cute bag :biggrin:
    if it irks you too much, maybe in the future you will find your perfect placement and then you can sell this one?
  11. yeah i was thinking about selling it but as time goes on i will probably fall in love with it anyway :sad: what i really what is a pirata or l'amore mm but i think that's near impossible because my macy's doesn't have them