My Spiaggia Has Come Home to Me!!!

  1. OMG my spiaggia is FINALLY here!!! after what seemed like the longest wait especially since it usually takes 2 days for my pulse orders to arrive, but after class I went home and saw TWO boxes waiting for me!
    so here's a LOT of pictures!!

    My bambino!! First timer! and i LOVE IT! it shows ciaociao + the lil airplane guy! n its mostly pink! and it shows the bikini girl! she's pretty ^^ (though i know most of you hate the girls)

    and other side has sandy!!! n the lil sea urchin prickly guy!

    and look who's on the side! my lil diver guy! sooo kyoot! with the kyoot shells awwww

    and mooreee fishes! n the mad rabid crab...or he's drooling..foaming at the mouth..whatever the case is he's happy

    here's me with my new bambino!! aww its the kyootest bag ever and its fits everything i carry...reference picture for those of you wondering how bambino looks on a human...

    contents of my kyoot bag! this fits everything perfectly..including my camera, well obviously its not pictured since i'm using it to take the pix.. and i still have room to spare!

    so i guess u can tell i am bambino's #1 fan right now!

    onto the next bag!
  2. Very cute!!! :cutesy:I love the Bambino style bag. Just enough room for the essentials and easy to carry. Congrats!!!:happydance:
  3. Now for my Spiaggia Bambinone!! Wow so when casey first sent me pix, it was this one..

    and i was pretty happy with it since it was mostly the fishes/ocean scene which i love! but i was kind of sad that the girl's face was cut off but i shrugged it off..cuz its still a nice bag! and it shows the diver boy and the lil airplane guy! yay! i love all the fishes and the seahorse and the jellyfishes! love!

    then i looked at the other side! and OMG! there's her face! AND the kyoot pineapple! this is bliss..its like either side it gives me what i want and more! a lil bit of what i'm missing on each side =)


    an eclectic of fish..yeah this is the closest i'll ever get to owning fish

    and MORE fishes! and the rapid crab!

    and the bottom has my unicorn! initially when i first saw this print, i just wanted UNICORN! no matter what! but because his surroundings aren't too great, my desire for him was i'm happy with him even if he's on the bottom of my bag..n it has the kyoot soda n lil boy with his sideways cap...and the evil inner he's up to no good..hehehe

    and finally a pix of me wearing the bag...

    first time with the bambinone too!!! its sucha good sized bag even though it can hold soooo much!
  4. i :heart: the front of your bag...actually all of it. it's perfect! when i decide on what bag style to get, i have to have the surfboard couple behind the girl. you have just the right amount of "girl" imo.

    the bag looks great on you. i would love a bambino or dolce, but i just think the strap is too short for me. i would love another inch on a dolce. i'm not as tiny as you!
  5. Your bags are super cute! It also totally matches your hair...hee hee..that's just too cute I tell ya! :lol:
    hmmmm..I need to decide which style Spiaggia to get!
  6. i got another zucca! when i was preordering i didn't know if spiaggia would look good on zucca...but i got it anyhoo since this style is so pretty...

    i still love my paradiso zucca to pieces, but this zucca gives me a LOT of the print..especially since spiaggia is so freakin huge!

    it took me n casey a few tries but we finally found one that i loved!!! top has the pineapple and fishes and the girl's head...and then the rest is the ocean scene plus the pink area! too bad it cut off ciaociao and the airplane guy along the bottom..but still kyoot!

    but lo and behold! otherside gives me what i'm missing! the beach scene! ciaociao, the bikini girl, unicorns! shark boy and the boy cactus and the kyoot deer!! only thing i'm missing is my monkey surfing..but its ok..i can live!

    and here's the humongous zucca on me

    and i also got a ciao...yes i know i got that many! i just didn't know which bag would look good so i got...a LOT! lolz

    ciao..i already have 2 the bag but i'm thinking i'm not gonna keep has everything i love on it too!

    awww unicorn



    so yeah i think i'm gonna exercise some control n not keep the ciao...hahaha i wish i was not keeping the zucca since thats more costly..but oh wells...3 bags for spiaggia..i'm DONE!!! i thought I wanted a buon viaggio too..but after looking at my bags, I don't need it ^^ YAY!!
  7. :wlae: Congratz!
    You guys are making me want a perfect spiaggia so bad. :love:

    I love your bambinone, it looks so much bigger on a person than on the lesportsac website.

    Wow, the zucca looks cute on you, I love zuccas so much!
    How many do you have?

    The ciao is cute too, argh.
  8. oh my god stephiee, you went crazy with spiaggia! I like all your bags...but dang, the Zucca is HUGE. I don't think I'll be getting one. I know youre real it might look big on you...but it's wayyy too big hahah. Dang, I ordered my bambino...and it just fits under your arm, I think imma have to use it as a real hand bag and not a shoulder one. crapola.
  9. You are such the Tokidoki girl, Bubblesung! So bright and colorful like the bags!! Hahahaahah I love it and i'm glad your bags finally came!

    Is the strap on the bambinone adjustable?
  10. WOW!!! Congrats Bubblesung! Your bags are TDF :drool:
    :dothewave: :dothewave: :dothewave: :dothewave:
    I have no :idea: how you afford all of these bags. So 3 spiaggas for you after you get rid of the ciao and how many amores did you end up with? :graucho:
  11. angelic*ruin: bambino for the win! i can't believe i never considered a bambino until now! its great!

    hoot: aww i didn't notiec the surfboards had eyes! should've known! with the dolce n bambino..i'd just hold it in my hand..cuz i don't like having armpit bags haha...but i think bambino is a lot kyoot than dolce since dolce sags more for me

    gyant: hahah i know! that's why i wanted a lot of pink on my bags...always color coordinated! so have u narrowed down what style u want in spiaggia? gioco would be kyoot..wonder why no one got a gioco!?

    snoopa: the spiaggia print is so kyoot i don't think it'll be hard at all getting the perfect one! which bag style are u looking at? i agree with the bambinone..i always think its so small but its not really! its compact but can hold a lot! and now i have two zuccas..spiaggia and paradiso =)

    JessakaMitz: hahahahaa i did go crazy...funnie cuz i'm not hella in love with it like I was with Amore...But the print is so dang big!! Gotta get everyone I like! n yah zucca is humongo..but i still love it! pretty pretty bag...*pets it* and bambino is TINNYYY!! my little 11 year old cousin has a bambino..n i think its perfect size for her lolz...i hold my bambino sense putting this lil bag on my shoulder

    MamaxJam: hahah thanks! its funnie since i'm so colorful n all over the place, people usually don't notice my bags too often haahha so its pretty rare for me to get a compliment on my bag! yah i was super happy they came today! at last! n the strap is adjustable on the bambinone!

    TokiJen: thanks! i love the wave! yah i have 2 words for you on how i get so many bags: "credit card" but hopefully it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to pay off when i graduate and am making the $$$$$!! so yupp 3 spiaggias...and amores...I currently have 5...but i'm going get rid of 1..or possibly 3 max..we'll see! trying to control my collection with what i really "need" hahhaha
  12. :lol: bubblesung you make me want to get another bag :p congrats on finally getting your package!!
  13. Bubblesung I officially crown you the Tokidoki :queen:
  14. I was thinking about a gioco..I have one in Pirata...I love the style even though it's a little hard to use. I have a Mamma Mia Inferno that I'm using now and I love it! Zucca looks cool but I'm thinking it might be too big....ugh..IDK...I have an Inferno Ciao too..maybe a Spiaggia Ciao....ahhhhhhh.....:confused1:
  15. Stephiee, at least it fits on your arm though! Haha. You're so tiny -- LUCKY! lolz.

    I agree JenY, she is the queen of tokidoki, for sure.