My Sphynx Cats!!

  1. Some of you know I had a Sphynx but I just got another one, here they are:

    Louis V. Ton and Minnie:



  2. Wow Selena they are gorgeous, I heard they are so rare how did you find yours. They look like they will be good company for each other. I like the pic of them in the windowsill.:nuts:
  3. Thanks! :smile:
    We bought them from a breeder in State College PA. They are very rare, and not to many breeders in the US deal with them. But yes they are good company for one another, they love each other! :smile:
  4. Cute kitties, Selena! They have beautiful eyes!
  5. I guess one of these would solve some problems!! I have three cats and literally have tumbleweeds of hair EVERYDAY rolling across my floor! Hmmm... maybe for the next round of kitties :smile: They are beautiful!
  6. Sanguar,
    that truly is the best part of these cats. We have had hairy cats before and its everywhere. NO hair anywhere. Its great. I do however have to bath them 2 times a week as they get a little dirty, and it shows! :smile:

    But they dont mind the baths and actually like them.
  7. ahhh they look so serene and elegant in the first picture. I adore them. :heart:

    Do you remember the sketch in friends when Rachel gets a spitty one and gunther buys it off of her and asks if it is a type of snake lol :lol:
  8. Your cats are so cute! Little wrinkle-heads. I can't believe they actually let you bathe cat would have eaten me, bless her heart.
  9. Cute rats..I mean!!!!...ROFLMAO!!!!
    You know Im kidding Selena..I just love to bust ya!!!HEE!HEE!..They are very cute though..Im just deathly allergic to all dogs are more up my ally!!LOL!

  10. I freaking love that episode!! ALso I think Ross said it looked like a raw chicken! LOL
  11. Pretty pussies Selena,I'd own this breed myself but my hubby says he doesn't want anything that looks like a Gargoyle roaming around house :sad: .
  12. LOL CAT!!!
    I took them to the vet and people seems actually repulsed! It was pretty funny. The other day a notary was in our house and asked me if I shaved the cats! LOL They do look strange but I am used to them. When I see a cat with hair they look strange to me now! HEE HEE
  13. I know what you mean,I owned two hairless Chinese Crested dogs 18 yrs ago and people were always giving me strange looks.I always loved odd or wicked looking animals.

    I love how these hairless animals generate greater body heat,they make good feet warmers ;) .Seriously your cats are awesome in my book.
  14. Ahhhh thanks Cat! Yes they are like little hot water bottles!!!! I love them to pieces!!! My five year old keeps kissing them all the time and trying to lick them! LOL
  15. They are precious!