My Spendy Summer Filled with Coach Goodies!

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  1. My coach obsession started last year, paused while I was pregnant, and picked up in full force this summer while I was out on maternity leave. It's definitely slowed down this fall since I'm back at work and barely have any time to get to the boutique, nevermind the outlet. I wanted to do a reveal to share, since I've loved reading everyone's reveals. And i feel like people's pictures are much better than the stock ones in helping me decide what to buy.

    I'll put all the pics in the next post...
  2. Can't wait to see!!!
  3. :popcorn:
  4. It all started when I was buying a wallet for DH online with a fb coupon. I ended up putting a mini willis in the cart for myself. The mini willis didn't work for me, so I came back to TPF to check out what was out and I ended up with this:

    camel bucket bag
    I love the tassels and the turnlock and the classic styling. I haven't carried it around too much, so it's still a bit stiff. But I think over time it'll break in very nicely!

    This one was an outlet find. The lovely SA was nice enough to look in the back when I asked. I'm still on the fence since I'm a pretty neutral bag kind of person, but it is just so darn pretty! I wasn't even into Lindsey at all until trying her on in the store.

    aubergine gathered lindsey

    Then after getting the Lindsey it got me to thinking about how I've always loved the black gathered sophia. So I tracked down a large black gathered sophia. This one is my HG! I should have gotten this one last year... this was the bag that drew me back into Coach, but at the time I couldn't even think of spending that much on a bag. Then after a short amount of time on this site, it all went down hill from there. I'm sure some of you know how that is!


    to be continued...
  5. Wow love them all so far!!!! Congrats!!
  6. Enjoying the show so far, can't wait to see more :P
  7. Hmmm, forgot to take a picture of the small black sophia with silver hardware and super squeaky handles. Taking some advice from the forum to fix the handles so I can add it to my small sophia collection which includes camel patent and gray gathered.

    Now on to shoes and accessories!

    Here are a few small things, since I can't seem to leave the outlet without something:


    These heels are pretty comfy for the height, probably due to the platform.
    bianca heels in champagne

    I've been wanting new boots for ages, but I always seemed to be shopping online and too late in the season. Well not this year! I've already taken these for a spin and i love them!

    monique boots in cinnamon

    And here's my little fob collection I've collected over the past year:

    Thanks for letting me share!
  8. Everything is gorgeous! Congrats on all of your beautiful goodies AND your baby!
  9. Congratulations with the new baby and all of your goodies!!! You just made me want to go!!!!
  10. You've got a fabulous collection, what a fun summer of shopping! Enjoy your goodies :smile:
  11. Love the accessories too!
  12. Congrats on all you goodies...especially the baby. Twins on the gathered bags. Using Aubergine today. Enjoy!
  13. Wow, great haul! Love all your new goodies, especially that gorgeous black gathered Sophia! Congrats!
  14. Awesome bags & accessories! Love your gathered bags and those boots!
  15. Congratulations on your new baby! Those boots are very nice!