My Speedy pic, opinions?

  1. Hi ladies!
    I just bought this scarf for my speedy (its a no name scarf) and need your opinions on how i should tie it. This is what it looks like now. So, what do you think? Should i leave it like that, or should i try to tie it in a bow or sth? The thing is that the scarf is square shaped.. so i'm not sure if i can tie it in a bow.. Thanks in advance!
  2. i love it as it is :p
    congrats for a pretty scarf. i'm thinking of getting a scarf too :yes:
  3. Thanks!
    Yeah, scarfs are nice, i think its a good way to make the bag seem new to you again..:smile:
  4. I think it's pretty!
  5. I love that look....
  6. I'd try to avoid the scarf touching the floor when you put it down
  7. Very nice!
  8. Looks very nice!
  9. I prefer w/o the scarf.
  10. It brightens up the bag a lot! :yes:
  11. LOOKS GOOD! the scarf print coordinates with the mono nicely!
  12. I like it that way too-very cute! :smile:
  13. I really like that scarf.......although I am not a scarf girl myself. I just like my bags "as is". Looks like a pretty one though.
  14. very pretty....
  15. I like the scarf, but it looks too much on the speedy...
    maybe try fold the scarf [SIZE=-1]diagonal[/SIZE] this pic I found on the forum