My speedy needs some spice.

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  1. I recently ordered a Speedy 35. I think it needs something else. What did you do to spice up your bag, or did you just leave it plain. Pictures and links would be wonderful.
  2. I would buy a heart from Lv and hang it from your speedy
  3. no but actually thats cute. but I mean the one thats a coin purse .. in a heart shape
  4. its called the rose pop
  5. what about a scarf or bandeau...if you want something from the latest releases theres a roses scarf that is simply stunning and theres a bag charm from the graffiti line that comes in neon bright color (not sure if its too small for a 35 tho)...
  6. A bandeau, scarf, key chain or clés looks nice. I personally like the graffiti key chains they have now. They look gorgeous against monogram!
  7. Here are some of my pics:

    DSC01333 (Large).JPG

    DSC01817 (Large).JPG

    SL371003 (Medium).JPG

    PICT1197 (Small).JPG

    PICT1269 (Medium).JPG

    The owl and skull charm are leather but non-lv. They were handmade and 14$ on etsy!
  8. I would love to do a scarf, but none of them really catch my eye.
  9. How about pastilles keychain?
  10. Why not expand to other brands? Hermes or coach or tiffany?
  11. Ya, I have an Hermes one my grandma gifted me and it will look great on the speedy.

    If not I would go for any charm that fits the bag, Gucci has some cute ones, the dogs or the cat, it is different print but I think they will look great