My Speedy Mirage (35) !!

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  1. Well i wanted to post pics
    of this treasure
    way back !!
    it was my first second Speedy
    ( I got the Dantelle first)
    but surely it's my my preffered one now

    check out the pics!! and tell me >>
    am I not fair for prefering this bag over the others :confused1:
    IMG00003.jpg IMG00004.jpg IMG00005.jpg
  2. :love:Stunning bag!
  3. 35? It only came in 30 size.
  4. Oh yeah Cyndee your right !!

    Its 30 not 35 !!

    i must been thinking of my birkin 35 !!
  5. So pretty, you Mirage people are getting me thinking....(this is not good for the wallet!!!)
  6. I love the Mirage Speedy..its a gorgeous TDF bag!
  7. what a gorgeous bag!!!!!
  8. LOVE your Mirage Speedy! It's just TDF! Congrats! :tup:
  9. Congrats, I love mine dearly as well. :yahoo:
  10. Ooops, I'm sorry, where are my manners....I forgot to say congrats on such a lovely bag! I'm sure you have just been enjoying it so much that that's why you didn't have a chance to show it to us before!
  11. congrats! :yahoo: i love my mirage speedy too. its interesting that there seems to be a surge of interest all of a sudden for the mirage speedy :smile:
  12. Love your bag! We are bag twins! The Mirage Speedy is the ULTIMATE Speedy in my opinion. Go ahead and sell the will never use her again!
  13. Congrats on your gorgeous mirage!
    My noir mirage is by far my most favorite speedy!
  14. i love this bag..:love:
  15. Love it Congrats!!!