My speedy is back! Pictures new handles and chads!

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  1. She's gorgeous again. Took 9 weeks and $145.00 - but look!

  2. Wow, just like new! Congrats on your speedys safe return. :smile:
  3. I agree with jenn4lv, it looks brand new! I bet people will think it is new!
  4. It's amazing how much I missed this little bag. It is busy tanning in the window right now to try to catch the handles up to the one end tab and the piping - but I don't think it looks too bad!
  5. That's a pretty good price to get the new handles.
  6. Looks great! :flowers:
  7. She looks like a brand new bag! Congrats on the long awaited return of your bag :yahoo:
  8. WOW looks like new! It´s worth your $
  9. It looks great!!!
  10. 9 weeks?? Omg that´s such a long time to wait since you have to pay for the repair. She looks like she was born yesterday :biggrin:
  11. Wow, she looks brand new!
  12. Yes, she looks brand new!! Congrats.
  13. You waited so long and it looks so new, it's like getting a new bag! Enjoy it all over again!:biggrin:
  14. Congratulations!!! She looks brand new!

    I seriously CANNOT wait until I get my petite bucket. I know how you feel when you said you missed your bag...because I'm going through it right now!
  15. Congrats!!! It looks brand new!:yahoo:
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