My Speedy Hurts My Arms/Neck :(

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  1. I've had my Speedy 30 for about 6-months now. I carry her durning the work week and then change to my weekend crossbody bag when I do my shopping.

    So Friday I left work early to go to the mall and check out the new Artsy. I was at the mall for several hours and then to Target to look for a V-day cards. I hadn't planned on being out so long but you know how shopping go for one thing, next thnig you know you've been shopping for hours! ;)

    OMG, after about 3-hours at the mall, my arms really started to get sore! I did't have a ton of stuff in my purse, but by 7pm, my entire arm, neck and shoulder area was killing me! I kept switching arms and positions of which I carried my speedy but I felt no relief. I could not wait to get to home and drop my bag at the door! And had to cut my shopping early to do so.

    I've never that that type of "handbag" pain ever before! Then again, I've never carried my Speedy for more than 30-mins at one time, so I had no idea that it would be that burtual to shop with her.

    The point of the post is now I'm wondering if I should even keep my speedy. I was shopping for a LV shoulder bag and if/when I finally decide on what to get, I'm questioning if I even use my speedy much anymore. I'm upset. I love my speedy and now harbor resientment, LOL :shame: But really, I don't want to have to worry about my day being restricted to what handbag I'm carrying, ya'know.

    Has anyone else experianced anything similar with the speedy and if so, what did you do? Did you keep your bag? If so, do you use it much?

    I just feel so bummed about it. I don't "love" my speedy like I used to. She's not a practical for me as I once thought.

    (sorry, this was more of a rant than anything.)
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    Yeah, I felt that way too when I got my first Speedy -- a Damier Ebene Speedy 35. I carried the bag for a couple of hours and I actually got blisters on my fingers from lugging it around on hot summer days. :Push:

    Now, I add a shoulder strap and from time to time, I just put the Speedy on my shoulder when it gets tiring. I have a Speedy 30 also and use the strap and let it hang diagonally underneath when I want to carry it by hand.

    I find I enjoy carrying my Speedys more even if it doesn't look that great when I need to shoulder it. Most times I will use my hands but from time to time if I am going shopping and carrying extra bags, I will quickly switch to shoulder carry. And, my fingers thank me. I don't have any blisters anymore.
  3. A shoulder strap is an option, I have a mono strap and damier strap to add to my speedys just in case, I don't use it often but have them for an emergency. I would look for a great shoulder bag and then use your speedy for those special outings, like dinner or a show. I have three speedys and love them but I don't use them when I am going for a long day of shopping, I know how you feel. Keep the speedy and use it for short trips only and get a great shoulder bag for your all day shopping days!!!
  4. A shoulder strap! Wow, why didn't I think I that? What shoulder strap did you buy?
  5. Well, I think its common. I was visiting Mall of America and planned to shop the whole day. I was carrying my damier Alma and after an hour it hurt sooooooooooo bad ! I had a bruise in my arm (I bruise really quick) and oh the pain I experienced ! But I still love love my alma. I attached a strap to it now :smile:
  6. I LVoe the speedy & own 4, 2 30s & 2 35s. however, they are not your shop till ya drop bags if you carry a lot of stuff. more like shop till ya arm falls off LOL! I still carry all of them but know to lighten the load if I plan to be out for a while. for example, I normally carry an umbrella in my purse but unless rain is in the forecast I will take it out if I plan to have my speedy all day.

    Keep the speedy, just see what you can live w/o if you plan to carry it all day
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    I have a French Company shoulder strap, but I got it included with my 12" Black Noir Sacoche Satchel that my BF got for me last X-mas. The vachetta strap matches very closely to my Speedy 30. So, I use my FC Sacoche Satchel and my Speedy 30 interchangeably.

    A little history background: FC used to make LV bags in the USA from the late 70s to the early 90s. So, it is quality I could trust because, historically, they did make authentic Louis Vuitton bags.

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  8. Yep. I have the same thing if I use it too long. I don't have a strap, but if I go to Target or somewhre that has a cart I use it. Even if I don't need the cart for anything else. I LVoe my speedy too and will never part with it. I just use other bags if I know I will be out all day.
  9. this happes but i think i inadvertebtly switch hands every few minutes
  10. Perhaps it is just a matter of building up muscle strength. I have a Speedy 40 and have, on occasion, stuck my laptop or a hardback book inside and lugged it around the mall. I have never felt true pain from doing so.

    Good luck with your decision.
  11. I had the same problem this weekend and my speedy is fairly new as well. I still would never return it. I just try not to use that bag when Ihave a long shopping trip planned.
  12. I think the answer for me is to find a strap for my damier speedy - one that I can keep in my purse if case I'm out longer than I expect. Now were to find one.???

    The French Company has some great items for mono, but I can't seem to find anything to match the dark damier.

    (Note: I just tried my Eva strap - uh, no! Way too thin! Must keep looking.)
  13. interesting....I always feel pain with straps not handheld bags......:confused1:
  14. I've been in pain from my speedy, too! It's not really a 'going out shopping' bag... more like a 'going to brunch and set down' bag!
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    Hello prettycitygirl, I have a new speedy 25 damier ebene and ordered a strap for it by calling my local store and then they also called around asking for me until they found one. Just say you have a 'speedy 30 damier ebene or whatever you have, that needs a shoulder strap' and they will know what you mean. It costs about $200 though but worth it I believe. I can't imagine holding my handbag by the handles all the time. Good luck!

    btw, they are sending mine to me for $15 extra. also, if your bag is too heavy, you may want to consider wearing the shoulder strap as a cross-body strap which is what i plan to do with my speedy 25. if you don't like the strap, you can always return it.