My Speedy has another Friend - Mini Pochette =)

  1. I'm so happy, I'm so in love with my pre-loved, new to me Mini Monogram Pochette. :love: The previous owner kept this cute mini pochette in excellent condition. I'm so happy :yahoo: .

    I bought this from one of the best sellers I've ever worked with. :yes: The seller even included a special gift for me. Its at my office, or it would be in this picture. Its so cute, it was a small cute RUSS teddy bear. It was so nice getting that extra gift.

    I just got it today. So I'll share some pictures. This little cutie mini Pochette will be in my Speedy 25 :love: .

    I'm also excited I can use it on its own, as a clutch. :tender:
    mini pochette_5.JPG mini pochette_2.JPG mini pochette_1.JPG mini pochette_4.JPG mini pochette_3.JPG
  2. yay!! congrats! I have the damier one, and i luv it to death!!
  3. You're right, it is in fabulous condition. It's so pretty, I want one!
  4. ^^^ Thanks! I eventually want to get the Azur and Damier mini Pochettes also :shame:
  5. Congrats! Isn't adorable? :yes: you should get all three! They're so irresistibly cute!;)

    ur too cute!!!

  7. Ohhh Congrats it really is in great condition. I took my Azur mini pochette out for the first time this weekend and I am in love with it.
  8. Congrats Pearl!!! It looks cute!
  9. Congrats on your new purchase. Many more mono to come :smile:
  10. Eping- You have a cute new Avatar Eping ;)

    Pink - I'm so loving my mini Pochette. Its so adorable.

    L Rod - I love the Azur Mini Pochette. I want that also. Soon I will get it I hope. :shame:

    Couture Girl - I love it also. Its just the cutest. So small, yet so cute.

    Summer - Its so perfect, I love how its like new. Its in excellent conditon. Shiny, no rips, no scratches on the canvas. Tag is so nice, saying made in france. :shame:

    John - thanks!!

    Tres - Thanks, I never knew I loved Monogram Canvas. I can't get enough of Monogram Canvas lol.

    I'm happy. :yahoo:
  11. congrats! it's adorable!
  12. love it, congrats. great accessory
  13. i think i want all them!! i wish they made a MC mini pochette!
  14. congrats!!
  15. Congratulations.