My speedy B doesn't change its colour!


Jun 10, 2011
Hi, I bought my speedy B on November 2011 and i used it not very much but usually.
Why is the colour yet the same? (sorry about my english but i'm italian :smile:
Is there any method to get the vacchetta darker?
Thank you ^_^
Jun 21, 2010
Did you take a before and after picture? Often you can't really tell it's been changing but it has... Take your bag to a store and compare it to brand new ones. You should be able to see a slight difference!

To speed up the process, you can get more sunlight on it... giving it a tan (literally)... and leaving it out of it's dustbag. Be patient and enjoy the process!


Mar 26, 2010
It took my delightful forever to patina as well.. Then I woke up one morning and it had a patina to it lol ..,but I was concerned at first ..

Loving My Louie's...


Oct 26, 2011
Hi there! There are a lot of threads on making vachetta darker. My personal opinion is that this should happen slowly and originally on your Sppedy. Do not become with the tought about how dark it is, just focus on all of the great moments with your bag. A small hint- put a double layer of your glycerin hand cream and then spread it gently on the handles. What is more, when it is sunny or humid outside, take the bag with you, this will help. Good luck and please, post photos of your bag iver the time to see the beautiful difference in color of vachetta that you will gain! :smile:
May 27, 2008
I thought the same about my galliera even though I had it for over a year. But I wasnt using it all the time and most of my other bags I was using at the same time didn't have any vachetta. Then I got my new Totally pm and went to switch out of my galliera and realized just how much it actually had patina'd. It's a slow and subtle change that sometimes you don't notice it until compared to the new (almost bone white) vachetta of a new bag:smile:


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Apr 13, 2011
ummmmmmm, this is not a bad thing!!!!!!


i love it when my bags stay very light...although i love it when they match the color of my walls (peachy light mocha shade.ah, i love that color!)

if you are desperate, try this:

i got a brand new bag last year, and accidently left it in my car for a few hours-i was somewhere where i did not want to showcase that i carry expensive handbags, so i had it hidden in my car....
well, the summer heat and rolled up windows sure gave me a shock when i came back!my bag was completely changed from very pale tan to a sudden honey brown.

in one summer afternoon!!!!!!

ever since then, i do not take out my lv's unless i am going to be bringing them inside with me!

another thing that worked on a different bag that i didn't want to get darker, was i took it with me to a greasy restaurant...we were having a meeting at work there and i was supposed to be supervising a shift to learn new skills.

worst day of my life-apparently all of the grease in the air attached itself to my leather because when i went to the office to retrieve my bag after the meeting, it was shiney and DARK!

oh, the horror!