My speedy 30 multi 1st edition is turning color HELP!

  1. Here is a pic of my speedy 30...I got this bag the 1st year it came out. The front pocket is yellowing on both sides of the hardware on the white canvas part. I bought it at a LV boutique. Has anyone had this problem and what can I do?

    Is there any way to get rid of the yellowing or am I stuck trying to make LV fix this problem? I am worried they will just blow me off since the bag is a few years old...thanks for any advice!
  2. It could be:
    A. color transfer from something it was touching or leaning against in storage, in which case there's really nothing you can do
    B. bleeding of the interior lining or some other form of manufacturing defect, in which case LV should let you exchange it or give you credit for it. Several people on this forum have had that problem with their white MC pieces and have been succesful in getting either of the above.

    The only thing is that most bleeding is red because of the alcantara lining- I've never seen beige/yellow bleeding before.
  3.'s weird because it was only ever stored in the orange dust bag. I wonder if somehow the color from the dust bag stained it??

    I hope LV does not give me a hard time with this :sad:

    From what you have heard they just give you credit for the bag? I think I might even still have my receipt...I 'think', but they should be able to look me up from a few years ago, right?

    I am so scared to be disappointed when I call them to see what they will do...I just took it out of its dust bag to photograph my stash and that is what was on the bag...I hardly carried it :wtf:
  4. I thought that was a known problem? Can anybody confirm?
  5. I went back through the old posts and see that it is, but many did not get any satisfaction on the issue. I do not have my receipt :sad: I just looked and all I have is the receipt for a dress I bought around the same time and my pink flower papillon...not the speedy 30 :sad:

    I will call tomorrow, but will be devastated if this bag is just ruined and useless. I have a LV bag that I have had for 10 years that looks better than this :sad:
  6. I heard LV replaces the pockets for those this happened to. I have read a number of postings (not recent) of those who left their bag for LV repairs and got it back happy with a new front pocket.
  7. TAKE IT BACK!!!!! Good Luck
  8. So sorry to see that...I hope they make things right for you. Too expensive of a bag to just give up on!!
  9. What a gorgeous bag -- so sorry to see that happen to it. I thought it was because of the glue or something.. I thought I had read that somewhere. I hope LV is good to you and you get it repaired or replaced properly. Best of luck and keep us updated!
  10. I'm so sorry for you. Go to a boutique and see what they can do for you. I'm sure there is a solution.
  11. oh no! now i'm afraid mine will get the same problem.

    i would take it in. :yes:
  12. Hopefully LV has since rectified the MC canvas since it's first editions....I hope you are able to exchange it for a brand newbie !! keep us posted !!
  13. This is a known problem on the earlier White MC speedy. My friend had this problem and they fixed the pocket for her for free.
  14. Bring her back to the boutique including the receipts if you still have them....Hope they can do something for your speedy. I have an MC that's just slightly turning a slight beige near the zip. There were a lot of threads regarding this. Just do a search..

    Keep us posted =)
  15. Yup. Definitely take it in!