My Speedy 25 doesn't fit in the dustbag!

  1. I'm kind of annoyed... I JUST realized that my Speedy 25 (purchased 3 weeks ago; first LV purchase) won't fit into the dustbag that came with it unless it is stored flat and folded.

    I was happy storing it flat as that's the way it came until I showed my Aunt (who has practically every LV bag so I assume she knows what shes doing) had the biggest reaction and exclaimed "No! You should store it stuffed!!! Look how badly it's creased now!"

    Anyone else have the problem of Speedy 25 not fitting into the dustbag it came with? It really irks me since I paid so much and the stupid dustbag does even fit!! Does anyone with the Speedy 30 have the measurements of the dustbag that came with that bag? I am wondering if my 25 when stuffed will fit into the Speedy 30 dustbag. Thanks!
  2. Yup, the dustbag that came with my speedy 25 doesn't actually fit the bag unless it's folded. I just store it in a pillowcase stuffed with old shirts - same difference I figure.
  3. i put mine in a bigger dustbag, because i don't fold it and i keep the bag stuffed with eLuxury shipping air pillows :P
    you can either switch dustbags around or get one off ebay
  4. I purchased a Mono Mini Josephine PM at LV and its dust bag was way too small. I went back and exchanged it for a much larger one without any problems. Just ask! :yes:
  5. Yea, I tried ebay. Ok.. this sounds really funny because it seems like such a miniscule concern but.... I am afraid I will get a fake dustbag! =) I've seen some fake dustbags go for $20 on ebay! Also, most that fit seem to be the "LV" ones from earlier than 2004 and makes me wonder where they have been.
  6. I purchased 3 weeks ago while on vacation so I'm past the 14 day deadline. I called about half a dozen stores and got answers that varied from 'tough luck'- in nicer words of course to 'oh, we don't have extras we get one dustbag for every one purse that we have' to 'we cannot do those exchanges' to 'we can send you one at no charge IF we get it in.' One store was nice enough to send me one they had for $5 but it turns out to be HUGE! I can fit half of myself into it. I mean... some places do it for you some places dont; some places say theres no charge and they can send it to you for free, other places charge you $5.It really bugs because it seems there is no black and white policy and they just tell you whatever they want.
  7. my speedy 25 can't fit in the dustbag it came in either, unless it's folded.
    alot of us just leave the bag out in a closet, stuffed.

  8. omg....i thought i was the only one who did that (use the air pillows from elux for stuffing)!
  9. I have the 30 and mine doesn't fit either. I would have to fold it and I'm not about to do that, so I just keep mine in a pillowcase.
  10. My speedy 25 fits in my dust bag,and its stuffed. Cant you go back to the store where you purchased it to exchange it for a bigger dustbag?
  11. I suggest that you return to the store and request an exchange for a larger dust bag. It's worth a try. I wouldn't store my bag flat. I keep them all stuffed to retain their shape.
  12. I'm past the 14 day deadline. =T I guess it's worth a try but I really dread the drive there and parking in the area is horrendous.
  13. Something I heard about, which is a good idea really, is buying an ink letter stamper at a craft supply store (they are cheap) and getting some white pillowcases and stamping the name of the bag on the outside of the pillowcase. If you do this for all of your bags, it will look nice in your closet to have all dustbags matching, and you can tell what's inside at a glance. Custom made dustbags!
  14. Someone stole my large prada messenger bag so I had an extra dustbag laying around. I store my speedy in it =)
  15. It shouldn't matter if you're past the return time frame - just bring back the small dustbag and ask for a larger one! I took mine back after one month and it was not a problem at all! Plus, then you can check out the new Fall/ Winter bags - they have them in a catalogue and are taking names on waiting lists already! :yes: