::: My Special Unexpected Reveal :::


May 28, 2010
Hi TPFers

Hope you are all well.

Some of you may have seen my thread on my x3 sale score (conker mini alexa, matching wallet and gloves) - but as you may have continued to read on my gloves were not actually available and I was a little disappointed. :tdown:

Now for the good stuff...

To cut a long story short my sweet DH purchased me a gucci pair (in black but who cares they are gorg!), to compensate for my loss of gloves. Further to that today we decide to visit the Mulberry store in Selfridges and we could not walk away from this beaut... especially as she was the last one left and for a complete and utter BARGAIN... This more than makes up for the gloves lol :graucho::happydance:

Anyone around?