My Special Report On The Galliera With Plastic Shields!

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  1. As many of you many know I purchased both galliera mono gm and azur pm a few weeks ago.* I wore both equally.* My galliera gm was getting a lot of black blacks due to those brass rings rubbing against the vachetta in LESS THAN A MONTH!* However, my galliera azur pm still look like new with no black marks, WHAT A SHOCKER!* I examined the rings very closely and there were two plastic shields in the middle of each ring preventing brass rings rubbing on vachetta.* I'm happy to report that so far, those plastic shields actually worked!* I will bring my galliera in tomorrow and ask them to replace it with the new and improved rings and leather trim.***
  2. Oo could u please post a pic! Thank you for the info!
  3. Yes please post a picture for others to reference... i am planning on getting a Galliera soon. Your findings and pictures will be very helpful. Thanks!
  4. Ooh! I should sell my old galliera and buy the new version, lol!
  5. How long have you had it? They should replace it for free since it's a known on going issue, not your fault. Worst case, it only cost $139 to get both rings replaced!
  6. I've had mine for almost 2yrs, problem is the leather has already been 'tainted' by the black marks, so not much use even if they replace for me now :sad:
  7. Sorry to hear! I'm taking mine in tomorrow to SHOW them. I'm sure they'll pretend to never have seen it.
  8. That sounds really good Jessica! I'm so glad it's working!

    Get a quote and perhaps you can replace both the rings and the vachetta for cheaper price. With the tainted leather, it might not sell as much. I suggest do whichever way is cheaper ;)
  9. Curious. I asked my mgr SA and corporate and was told that they come that way in packaging and that those are removed by the store. So who does one call for help?
  10. I agreed with posherthanthou!
  11. I think they are talking about some kind of plastic shield to prevent the metal from scratches, not like the ones in the pictures. These plastics are sort of sandwiched in between the metal rings, so if you remove them, it will have a cut in the middle. Older gallieras don't have that.
  12. I've called and they told me the same thing. I suggest taking the bag in and explain to them whats been going on. Tell them you want the rings and leather trim replaced with new ones.
  13. I wanna buy one in azur now lol
  14. I asked if I could have the rings of my 2 yr old Gal Azur replaced with the new rings for FREE but they said it won't be free as my bag is old already. But I have been wiping my brass rings often and it hardly makes a mark on the vachetta anymore.