My SPECIAL ORDER HAS ARRIVED!!!!! A little mono gone damier!!!!

  1. HI everyone,

    Take a look at my special order hatbox in damier. I thought this would never come, and now it is finally here. I have to say LV has really made a product that is worth the $ this time. This thing is like having a piece of hard sided luggage but for half the cost. It is so sturdy and strong. The handle strap alone is like 2/4 of an inch thick, maybe more. I am impressed. I think I am going to get yellow and red stripes painted on it with my intials in red with the number 2 (for luggage number). I saw this numbering system in the LV luggage for the new movie darjeleling limited and love it. Anyhow what do you all think? :nuts:
    CIMG2935.jpg CIMG2936.jpg CIMG2937.JPG
  2. ooo that is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. wow ... amazing! i'm lovin' it:tup:
  4. :drools: OMG it's gorgeous, what will you use it for? congrats...

    I wanna SO a damier Alzer how long did it take?
  5. Great choice for the color. Is the striping going to cost extra? Do you have any other piece with striping and initals? I have seen that in 30 years, I though LV didn't provide the service any longer. I have a speedy with someone else's initals along with a papill. I like the initials you are able to keep up with your things at a glance among other items in the airport.
  6. Its amazing!!! LVOES!!! Congrats!
  7. It's gorgeous..
  8. Wow! congrats...
  9. Congrats! It's beautiful!
  10. that is so cool
    I saw those in display many times they are gorgeus and the good thing is that they are lightweight unlike the beauty cases and etc etc
    will u use it only for hats?? hehe
  11. OMG it's stunning!!!
  12. omg, its beautiful! congrats!
  13. That is absolutely STUNNING. Congrats! What a unique piece, great choice for a SO!
  14. WOW that is amazing, I love the damier canvas and the shape together. great choice ! enjoy
  15. Stunning!!! Congrats! Vaslav trouse toilette is also very nice...