My special order arrived early!!!

  1. On March 9, 2012 I made up my mind to get a Prada Saffiano tote. After visiting the boutique & tried out different sizes, I pick the medium size, which is BN 2274. I original wanted the orange "Papaya" color, but another color capture my heart even more at the store. With the size & color pick, I immediately placed the special order! The SA informed me it would take 8-10weeks, but last Friday, April 6, my SA called & the bag is ready for pick up!!!

    So who is here to see??
  2. I'm here!!
  3. I'm here...
  4. :popcorn:
  5. I need to cook dinner for hubby earlier, I'm back to continue the reveal
  6. The box is huge& heavy, I almost thinking not to take it, but since the box is very well made, I guess I can use it as a storage box for something else.
  7. Striping the dust bag.........
  8. Ooh SOs have fancy dusters!
  9. patiently waiting....
  10. Almost getting there!
  11. In her full glory!! Miss saffiano tote in Fuoco red!!!
  12. Better shot for the true red color
  13. Next to her big sister Chanel Jumbo Black caviar flap
  14. Beautiful! Now if only they'd make me the 2274 in Argilla, le sigh. Enjoy your bag, she's divine! :heart:
  15. I saw the Argilla in BN 2274 at the store when I pick up my bag, it's avaiable at the San Francisco Prada boutique. If they sold out the bag, you can always place a special order. Special order is free of charge, you can choose the style, hardware & color combination you want.

    If you need my SA's contact, you can PM me.