My Sparkly BOY!

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  1. I was not planning to do any reveal but I'm tired of winter❄️, it's always snowing in our neck of the woods. Even Mr. ⛄️ is not cute enough to snap me out of my winter blues. The only think that's perking me up and keeping me warm is Chanel!

    So I'm excited when FedEx came to deliver what I have been anticipating for about a week!


    This is better than Epipen or any adrenaline out there! Really cured my winter blues!

    Thank you all for always sharing my joy! 😘🙌💃
  2. Very sparkly boy! Hang in there spring will arrive soon!
  3. OMG, what a stunning sparkly Boy! Soooooo gorgeous. I love all your other Chanel too, congrats!!!
  4. Wow I love the bling!! What a special boy! Love the color! It is very unique! Congrats on adding this boy to your already stunning collection!
  5. I love it! congrats!
  6. Wow! Love it!!!
  7. I love blings! 💎 And anything blingy or sparkly stuffs! 💍👑

    So it's easy to pair this sparkly Boy with everything I have, including this signed Giuseppe Zanotti Strass.

    Voila! What a perfect combination!
  8. Nice combo!!!
  9. Thank you zaraha! My cure for winter blues is shoppping! Somehow, it's a good thing! LOL!

    Thank you girlnstilettos!

    Thank you as always queenbee for sharing my joy!

    Thank you splylove22!

    Thank you Powder Puff!

    Thank you 50wishes!
  10. amazing congrats!!!
  11. 👍 nice!! You made a good choice
  12. redvelvetloubie I ADORE this BOY and as tempted as I am, I am trying to resist with all my know my love for BLING!
    Congrats on this stunning beauty!
  13. The shoes and bag are stunning!! Love the bling!!!!
  14. Congrats on all the sparkly goodness!
  15. Redvelvetloubie-Love your new additions!!! Bling bling-love it all! Wish we had snow in south TX!!