My souvenir scarf from Amsterdam

  1. Many thanks to Cal for the shopping tips! My husband and I walked from our hotel to the Rijksmuseum and PC Hooftstraat to visit Chanel and Louis Vuitton. I had hoped my husband would find a new wallet at LV but their credit card system wasn't working, so no shopping there for us.

    Chanel had some of the new SS07 bags (very nice!) but their selection was small due to the rush of shoppers before the price increase. I'm supposed to be on a ban until my new classic flap comes in, but I didn't want to leave empty handed. No little black bracelets left but I did find a beautiful scarf! :happydance: Thanks for letting me share some photos.

    Tanja & NL3181 - we didn't try the brownies but we had lots of great Dutch beer and food! It's a beautiful city with such friendly people. I may even have a chance to go back next year.:yahoo:
    scarf1.jpg scarf2.jpg scarf3.jpg scarf4.jpg
  2. I love the Baby Animals line :yes: ......and this scarf is just too cute!!!! Now I want one too!!!! It's so cute!!!!!:love:
  3. very cute.
  4. Cute! Congrats! : )
  5. SOOOOOoooo cute!!! Congrats!
  6. Love it!
  7. Aw, thats so adorable!
  8. I love that one! :heart:
  9. Adorable! Great pic of the outside of the boutique!
  10. wow! nice scarf! people must like to ride bikes there hehe
  11. this is really cute!! congrats!
  12. Glad you had a great time Onyx - the scarf you bought is really beautiful.

    Thanks for posting the pics - I love how the dutch ride their bikes everywhere!
  13. beautiful scarf !
  14. oh, i love that scarf! i didn't know there was a baby animals scarf. too cute!
  15. beautiful coloured scarf