My SO's Bum Bag..Need advise....

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I really need some advise from all the guys and gals here on the forum (mostly the guys).
    Long story short, for years, my boyfriend would wear belt bags. I really hated them because he's a very nice dresser, casual but neat. He has a swimmer's body and takes pride in the way he dresses and then ruins (in my opinion) his look with the sloppy looking belt bag!
    About 2 years ago, we were in an LV boutique in NYC and I purchased him the damier bum bag because I love him....but mostly because I wanted him to stop wearing the others.
    A little while after that, he was watching Glamours dos and don'ts with me and of course they mention the fanny pack. Ever since then, he won't wear them anymore, even the LV one.
    Now, I don't want him to wear anything he's not comfortable with, but I believe that the ugly fanny pack rule does not apply to the LV bum bag. Am I right?
    Do any of you guys own one? What are your feelings? And ladies, do you like the look of the bum bag on a man?
  2. that is a funny story ! He won't listen to you, but listens to the "experts " on a TV show:PI am curious too what the guys here have to say about are a kind girlfriend to make him fashionable !
  3. thanks mimi-ann. I try!!

    can anyone here help? Please....
  4. Haha! I agree!
    But IMO, I think fanny packs are really cute! Well, designer ones anyway.
    No, that "rule" does not apply to Louis Vuitton! ; )
    I don't own one but I think it would look great on men!
  5. Fanny packs are out. But the LV one looks stylish and finished. I saw a few stylish men wearing this in Europe.
  6. Thank you for the opinions...please keep them coming because I'm going to show this thread to him!!!!
  7. I personally don't like fanny packs, but I agree with you on the designer ones. They make the fanny packs look good. I think they look great and stylish on men.
  8. I have a Gucci one that I rarely use, but it looks cute when casual. I think if you can rock it, then it's fine.
  9. I just disagree with bum bags/fanny packs, no matter what. The fact that it has a logo on it, doesn't make it any cooler in my opinion. Would you genuinely wear a toilet seat as a hat if it was monogrammed with LV?
  10. #10 Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
    hahahaha...that's good.:roflmfao:...but I guess if you were the type of person that liked to wear toilet seats as hats, then a monogrammed one would,at least, be a statement!!!!

  11. I absolutely appreciate all opinions on this whether positive or negative. I also respect your thoughts, however, do you really think it's fair to compare a toilet seat with a bag?:smile:
  12. Thanks guys and gals!! I appreciate your feed back!!
  13. How is the fanny pack being used? Mostly I've seen them used more like slings...

    Well, I see the Gucci one everywhere that I don't use mine anymore. And I haven't touched my Geronimo in months...But I think if you get him to wear it across his chest/shoulders, then it's not really considered a "fanny pack". LOL...
  14. #15 Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
    what about some of the LV lovers in here do a vid clip and bring it back in ur bf:graucho: