My sort-of-stray dog rescue...

  1. Tonight, coming home from the grocery store, I saw a pretty black lab wandering along the sidewalk about a block from my house. There weren't any people around, so I figured she'd wandered off and was lost. I quickly pulled over, and went to check on her.

    She was very sweet, wanted me to pet her, and rolled over for a belly rub right away, so I figured she was someone's pet that had just gotten loose. She was wearing a collar with a tag that read "Kate" with a 312 area code number. (FYI, I live in Oak Park, which is a border suburb, and 312 is the area code for downtown Chicago and the surrounding "Gold Coast.") At that point, I got concerned, wondering if she'd wandered in all the way from the city.

    I grabbed my cell phone and tried to call the number. I got an automated voicemail message, so I quickly left a VM identifying myself, and saying that I'd found there dog and to please call me back ASAP. Meanwhile, I'm wondering what to do about poor Kate. I couldn't leave her on the street, but I'm not exactly in a position to bring her home and foster her, either...

    After about a minute of laying in the grass with her and repeatedly telling her, "It's okay sweetie," I see an older couple rush out the front door of the adjacent house... The husband starts yelling, "Katie! Katie! Where are you? Get in here!" Suddenly, the dog jumps up and sheepishly runs in the house... :rolleyes:

    Then the wife sees me and apologizes for her dog getting loose, then starts yelling at her husband. Apparently, he'd let the dog out in their backyard, went into the livingroom to watch the Bears game, and just sort of forgot about her! The latch on their fence wasn't locked, so the dog nosed it's way outside and wandered into the neighbor's front yard. The husband heard his cellphone beeping, and when he listened to the message I left, figured out that his dog had gotten away! (Which explains the different area code, too...)

    I'm glad she didn't stray far from her house, and I'm glad I "found" her owners... but I feel like kind of a dumb@$$... LOL, these people must have wondered what the hell I was doing in their yard consoling their "poor, lost" dog... Oops! Guess sometimes I love animals a little *too much*... :p
  2. you're so sweet for taking care of her! :tup: if my chloe ever got lost, i'd be so incredibly grateful for people like you. my biggest fear is that she'll wander off and get hit by a car or just be unable to find her way home-she loves us but she also loves to play and run off and i know she fully intends to come home but i also know she probably won't be able to find her way home, being so small.

    god bless you for being so caring even if the dog wasn't really "lost" :p
  3. I had a big goofy Lab start following me one day years ago while I was out running. He must've trotted along behind me for about a mile, I couldn't get him to go away. When I came to the very busy state road I had to cross to get back home, I didn't know what to do--he was totally ready to cross the road with me! So I grabbed him by his collar and toted him across the street with me. When I got to my apt. I shoved him into my car and drove him back to the general area where he started following me. Luckily his owner was standing out in the front yard calling for him at the time. Imagine the owner's surprise when I pulled up, opened the door of my car, and his wayward dog jumped out! He was very grateful but I had to gently admonish him that he should have tags on the collar if he was gonna let his dog run loose.
  4. You are a wonderful person for helping Katie.:flowers:
  5. It was so lovely of you to stop and help. The lab must have been delighted...Not only did it escape briefly, it got a belly rub thrown in as well :yes:
  6. I love that story!! Thanks for sharing. You're a huge sweetheart!! and tsk on the owners for not watching their dog!
  7. Cute story!! Glad the dog wasn't a stray!
  8. Don't feel dumb at ALL!! SO MANY dogs get hit in the street right in front of their totally saved the day!

  9. ITA!! And after getting in so much poop with his wife, I'm sure the dog will be more tended to than ever!! Lol!

    You did a very good thing :tup:
  10. That was so nice of you. Thank goodness you were there to help katie.
  11. Yay for you for taking care of that baby! I bet that was a wake-up call for that DH ;)
  12. They are VERY lucky you were there. If not the dog could have wondered much further away and gotten hurt or worse. Great job on the dog rescue.