My sort-of impulse buy!

  1. I just got my first bbag (a black day) a couple of weeks ago, and have been just drooling over everyone else's bags!

    So today, after a tough week, I stopped by the store that sells bbags (only one in my country), planning on maybe getting a little coin purse. To my surprise, they had VIOLET bags in! I had put myself on their notification list, but hadn't gotten a call. They apparently had just gotten the shipment in 2 days ago! Cities and firsts were already sold out, but there was a rh Day and a rh Work, which was GORGEOUS. I was super tempted by the Work, but couldn't justify another full bbag.

    HOWEVER, accessories - now, that's not a whole new bag, you know? And they had a beautiful violet make-up and a shoulder. So ... I came home with the shoulder! I actually use a pochette-like bag for my wallet (I like being able to take it out and use it as a little purse by itself), so it's really useful. And the color and leather are absolutely TDF!!!

    Heh, I still might go back to get a coin purse (though they only have 2, and pretty boring colors ... I want my accessories to be bright and cheery so I can see them in my bag).

    Sadly, my pictures came out terribly (didn't have time during the day, and artificial light just can't capture the color well). This is the best I could come up with. It really doesn't do it justice.
  2. Oh, SO ADORABLE! I'm loving this bag in the shoulder! And the leather looks so yummy! CONGRATS!
  3. wow, the shoulder is pretty!! makes me want one now!! congrats!!
  4. Congrats on your shoulder. It looks nice. Enjoy.
  5. OMG, that shoulder bag is too damn cute :love:
  6. WOW! I love the shoulder in Violet! May I ask what store this is from and do they do international shipping? Thanks!
  7. It's a little store in Copenhagen, Denmark, called Holly Go Lightly. I'm not sure if they do international orders, but their phone number is +45 33 14 19 15 (and thankfully, they speak perfect English).
  8. ^^Thanks so much! You're a dear! I'll try to call them and see if they do ship internationally. And again, I really do love your Shoulder! It's gorgeous and so functional!

    ETA: I found their website and emailed them, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the website address here, but it's easily found on google.
  9. Thanks! I love it too! Though I did have a hard time deciding between the makeup (also gorgeous) and the shoulder!
  10. This is sooo cute!!! Won't it be fun to take out on the town!!!!:yahoo:
  11. isn't it the best color??? it looks exactly like my MU, but with handles! congrats on a great bag!!
  12. Oh, CUTE... what gorgeous rich color.. congrats~!
  13. congrats on your beautiful impluse buy!! :yahoo: the Violet is gorgous and the shoulder is such a practical - and fun - bag!!! Great choice!!
  14. Love it! Very cool, congrats!!
  15. Adorable!!! congrats!