My Sophia is here!

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  1. :nuts: !!!!!!! The color rocks! The pictures don't do the beautiful green color any justice. It's a great size. When I was transferring my stuff from my LV to this bag, I tried to evenly distribute between sections :P Just trying to stay organized! ;) And the shoulder strap is beyond comfortable.

    Excuse the kitty in the pictures, she loves to be the center of attention ;)

    MJSophia2.jpg MJSophia.jpg MJSophia3.jpg
  2. Very pretty!
  3. Awesome color!! Congrats!! Love your kitty too!!:yes:
  4. Gorgeous! Congratulations, what a great purchase!
  5. Love the bag and the kitty! What color green is that? Looks like it has pink stitching? What color interior?
  6. Thanks! I have two cats. They love to sneak into photos!

    I must add that this is my first bag purchase in 6 months. It felt good to go on a self-imposed bag-buying ban :nuts:
  7. The color is called "pistachio", it's a light minty/spring green. The stitching is very light beigey-pink, and so is the interior.
  8. Congratulations! The bag is gorgeous (I :heart: the Sophia style!) and the color is really pretty!!!
  9. Love it! And the color is really pretty! congrats!
  10. Really pretty color and the Sophia is an awesome roomy style.
  11. Great bag! I'm sure you will enjoy the Sophia, it's such a comfortable bag to carry and it's set up to make it so easy to stay organized.

    P.S. Your kitty is too cute!
  12. Gorgeous! Love the size!
  13. I hope I stay organized. For once, maybe I can not worry about digging in my purse like it's a bottomless pit, looking for my cell phone :P

    Thanks, everyone! I can't wait to carry her around tomorrow at the (two!) Thanksgiving dinners I'm going to :nuts:
  14. I love it - it's gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. Congrats on the new bag! It's hot! Enjoy!