My Sophia Arrived Today!! What Colour is She?

  1. My Sophia arrived today. I love her, she's beautiful - total bargain as she is unused and I am totally sure authentic - £150 BIN on eBay. Thanks to all who helped authenticate.

    What is the name of the colour?



    That is definitely the last bag for me until we are on holiday in April. I've bought three MJ bags this year and its only Feb 15th. So much for me being on a ban.
  2. i dont know but congrats! its lovely.
  3. What a pretty bag!
  4. She's beautiful, whatever color she is! Congrats!
  5. Congrats. I LOVE this colour in the Sophia line, both inside and outside are so pretty.
  6. Very pretty,LOVE IT!
  7. I love her already!! I'd really like to know the name of the colour - nerdy I know!
  8. Oh, Thanks Jap4life, I didn't see your post - hope you're right, as that is a nice name!

  9. I actually think I am wrong Glynis, that's why I edited it out so quickly:shame: I will be on the hunt thought! I love that lining color. Hopefully someone will know it, but I will report back when I find it!:tup:
  10. GORGEOUS!!! I'm pretty sure that is Lilac.

    Sooooooo pretty!!! :love: