My soon to get here Chanel bag

  1. Well I ordered this Sunday but because of 4th of July it will take an extra day to get here :sad: I called Fed Ex they said I would get it 07-06 7pm the latest but finally can post the web picture of it. Here it is
  2. Congrats on your new bag.... It's a beauty
  3. that's availble now?
  4. It's TDF! where did you order it from?
  5. I called my SA at the chanel boutique Wynn location in Vegas. 702-765-5055 ask for Carrie she said they had 2 more left. It is the Grained Calfskin Flap bag they only have black there.
  6. O yea, that bag is in store now, the whole collection is, I have seen it in the boutique.
  7. It's pretty. Be sure to keep us posted upon its arrival and let us know what you think. TIA
  8. It's a beauty!
  9. I saw that bag at the Wynn yesterday. Gorgeous in person. Love it!
  10. I saw that bag on Friday and holy crap, it's quite the looker! I couldn't stop staring at it (and likeafeather's tote from the same line). Very, very gorgeous!!

    Congrats! Pleaseee post pics when it gets here!
  11. i saw this one several days ago at it was stunning.
  12. It's cute, but a bit too dainty for me.
  13. Very pretty! Congrats!
  14. I was just asking about this bag at NM! Can you tell us how big it is and the retail price?
  15. Congrats! It's very pretty!