My soon-to-be cushion engagement ring!

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  1. My boyfriend and I have been talking engagement/marriage for months now -- and we finally pulled the trigger and bought a diamond!

    The stats are 2.38 carats, H color, and SI2 clarity. We took a trip to New York to see it in person before we bought (actually, we went to see a 1.69 carat diamond in this same cut, but once we saw this one we HAD to have it!) and it's completely eyeclean. There is a feather in the corner of the stone, which I could see with a loupe, but before I knew where it was and was just looking with the naked eye -- I couldn't see it at all! So all in all I think we got a pretty great deal.

    My gorgeous cushion is currently en route to Brian Gavin Diamonds to be set. I've attached a picture of the setting we chose below. I can't wait! I always thought that I would want a Leon Mege pave setting, but once I saw this setting I was blown away by how simple and modern it was. Has anyone else changed their mind so drastically on the setting?

    The finished ring should get to us in about two weeks or so, and then I just have to wait until my boyfriend proposes! I can't wait -- he let me choose precisely the ring I wanted if I promised to let him surprise me with the proposal. He has been firmly instructed not to hold onto the ring for too long, so I'll update this thread with hand shots when I'm engaged if anyone wants to see it!

    What do you guys think? We were a little scared because of the SI2 clarity, but I honestly cannot see the flaw with the naked eye (I tried it out in several different lighting situations), so now I'm not too concerned. It sparkles like crazy!

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  2. :faint::drool:

    Stunning. And I think Brian Gavin is as good as Leon. Yum!!
  3. congrats--it's a beautiful stone! What a perfect size too, be sure to post some modeling shots when you finally get it!
  4. Wow!!! What a lovely and enormous rock! I love the cushion cut.
    You've chosen a beautiful setting. Your stone will really sparkle in this setting. The ring will be lovely on itself AND in combination with eternity and/or wedding rings.

    I look forward to see your modelling pics.
  5. GORGEOUS!!! I bet you can't wait to get it on your finger!
  6. Gorgeous stone! I can't wait to see the finished ring!
  7. :upsidedown:holy smokes! Gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. :drool: it's a keeper!
  9. Ohhh is that an August Vintage cushion?!!! I can't wait for the final images. Beautiful!

    I will be in NYC to go to GOG on Long Island NEXT WEEK!
  10. It is an AVC!! I've had my eye on them forever, and I'm so excited we actually managed to snag one! We lucked out -- this diamond had literally been delivered the day before and hadn't hit the website yet, so Jonathan let us have it.

    You're going to have a blast!! What are you going to GOG to look for? It was such a great experience -- see if you can request Jonathan for your appointment. He's so enthusiastic and makes everything so much fun. :smile:
  11. Gorgeous!!
  12. gorgeous!
  13. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  14. that is one gorgeous stone, GL, cant wait for the pix
  15. stunning!! i have a similar size diamond that's eyeclean as well... it's impossible to say no!! i'm sure you'll enjoy it forever. can't wait to see your pics!!