My son's modern lemonade

  1. It was over 90 here today. So my son (13) and his best friends set up a snowcone stand in the front yard...cute, right...but here is the modern twist, they were on their cell phones taking orders and making deliveries on thier skateboards :roflmfao: . They made about 20.00, not too shabby.
  2. Wow! ^^ That's pretty cool. You've got a CEO in the makings!
  3. nice! your son is creative, and from the way it looks, he has a bright future ahead of him.
  4. very enterprising of them, encourage that trait LOL
  5. Wow! That's great!
  6. LOl Awesome! Sounds like something my son would do He is sooo money hungry!
  7. younger two as well, they have been doing extra chores, the Wii spiderman 3 is calling their name. But it melted my heart when the 13 year old came in just a few minutes ago and said, "mom, what do you want for mother's day, now I have a good way to make some money and get you what ever you want" :heart:
  8. awww that is very sweet! you raised then well.
  9. That's hysterical!
  10. They're so smart! Way to go to make some bank in such a hot weather. :nuts:
  11. Awwww!!! Your son is such a darling! :tender:
  12. How sweet tink!
  13. How cute! And very resourceful of them to do that!!!
  14. Aww! That's so sweet! haha
  15. Geniuses!!