my son's chanel gift


Nov 1, 2006
I got the most irreplacable Chanel bag. For my birthday, my son who is 4 y.o. told me that he is going to make me something that he knew I would love:heart: . He made me a purse out of folded paper that has a strap of interlocking paper chain. He said, "Mommy, doesn't this look like the bags you like...Chanel,right?" And I told him it does only this one is so much prettier! I will keep this timeless classic with my other bags for life.
Aww, that is soo sweet. My baby is only 12 months, but already he knows not to touch mummys beloved Chanel bags, whenever I catch him trying to touch my bags he quickly jumps and crawls away. I hope when he is older he can give me a gift as sweet as that x