My Son's 15th B'day Party - any ideas??

  1. Hi everyone -
    ok, please help me brainstorm some ideas for my son's 15th bday party...with this stupid show on MTV called My super Sweet 16, there is alot of pressure to have extravagent parties - that I DO NOT want to fall victim to!

    My concerns are that I live in a large house and last year I had a bday party for him for all his 8th grade friends and it was fine, but alot of work trying to supervise them all - even with my brothers and friends helping out - and now that he is in high school, I don't want the juniors and seniors showing up with alcohol/drugs etc. so I think a big party is out of the options...

    does anyone know of some fun alternatives that won't cost me a year's college tuition and a super big headache trying to control a bunch of teenagers? lol I know its alot to ask...

    ok I will be gone for the weekend but I am in dire need of some ideas - many thanks ladies!!:hysteric::hysteric:
  2. is he into sports? If so, if you live by an ESPN zone, you could take him and a few of his closest friends to spend the day there. A friend of mine did that for her 16th bday party. sorry that's all I can think of for now...
  3. rent a hall, caterers, music, etc

    the key is to involve ur son in the planning
  4. that's exactly what came to my mind too (like a dodgers or raiders game or something). you could do that with almost any big event though. a concert he wanted to see, a theme park day, a play if he's into that. those were always my favorite birthdays growing up. heck, i just dragged one of my good friends to the zoo and then shopping for my birthday this year...i turned 23! we had a BLAST!

    then again i've never really been a party person. if your son is, maybe look into hiring security? ok, that sounds hardcore, but we always did it for my sorority functions (greek policy). it's not terribly expensive (although everything is more expensive in LA than oregon :Push:smile: and there are some agencies who specialize in teen parties and events. they know how to be low key but effective. then you can just concentrate on having fun.
  5. ok, this may be totally completely out of the question of things you want to do but what about a sort of adventure trip? Something like rock climbing/skyjumping/white water rafting? for him & a couple of his friends? maybe there are some adventure centres near you? I know that there are some fabulous places on the california coast to go canoing, howabotu that?

    its something unusual, exciting & different. & if you book it through an organised tour company you'll be covered for insurance etc & have the benefit of fully qualifed & experienced guides & instructors.

    or you could take a few of them to Six Flags for the day:biggrin:
  6. I agree, a hall doesn't cost that much. I oncehad an estimate for a hall that holds about 50-75 people for around $200.

    Also a hotel room/hall is a pretty good idea for someone that age..
  7. is this going to be a coed thing...send him to play paintball with a bunch of his buddies...they'll talk about that for years to come
  8. i had a big 16 for where i am, here i australia the kids only have house parties and basically piss ups (i dont attend i have a different more resposible crowd) anyway becuase my dad owns a resturant i had it in the function room, it was an under 18's coctail party, it turned out great, i had a dj, had food and lots of mocktails, and my cake was shaped into a big perfume bottle, obviously we had connections and the whole thign ended up being $2000 or so which was really good for what i got. Now i dont know ur son, but the reason i think my party was good was it was different, guests were expecte to wear coctail clothes and it had a classier feel to it this is out of the ordinary for my school and friends so that made it memorable on them and the anticipation was good for that reason, secondly i made it clear there was not to be any alcohol (we as a resturant would be busted big time if we were caught) and i honestly dont think you need it, but that does depend on the friends. for your party i sugest renting a hall or somewhere other that your house you dont want to be worrying if they are trashign ti or stealing etc. i think the money is worth the peace of mind. Make it clear there is not alcohol write it on the invites (which you MUST have to avoid crashers, and say invits only, tell them there is a checklist and or security at the door it will scare some of the crashers away regardless if you do it or not) and do something different not your average party it should be great, if you invite his closest friends they will have a good time no matter what! good luck! it will be great relax
  9. How about a Fear Factor birthday party???? We sometimes do family fear factor at home, and my kids love it. You could have some activities appropriate for 15 year olds, with a prize going to the winner of the contest???!!! Fun, but innocent can do it during the day, thereby lessening the risk of the drugs,alcohol, etc...
  10. wow all of these ideas are fabulous!! thank you all for your brainstorming! I am going to print this thread up and go over the ideas with him this coming weekend when i get back home. xoxo!!!
  11. Well, how about private surf lessons? Or renting a boat for an afternoon so the guys can swim and just tool around (w/a few adults of course). Or get tickets to a concert that he is dying to go to. Being sure that you go as well maybe sitting a few rows away or drop off and pick up immediately. Or a special wkend away for him and 3 or 4 of his best friends. Treating them to their own room, dinner etc.

    just some thoughts....good luck!
  12. Some fun parties that my friends with older kids have done were:

    1) A party at the skateboard/bike indoor place. You were allowed to bring your bike, skateboard, scooter or rollerblades. They had all these indoor places that you could do it all. Party area where you brought your own things and set up.

    2) Indoor swimming party at a health club, supervised by lifeguards who did relay games and the kids had a blast. Party room that parents set up and brought own food.

    3). The paintball party seems great, we used to have a indoor arcade that had so many things, paintball, games, indoor go carts-but it closed down. My son went to a party there and loved it.

    4) I think having a smaller party with good friends is better than some major thing where people are coming just because it is a party. There are so many special things to do as the post above say. I guess you can ask you son if there is something that he has been wanting to do.
    Maybe just something special for himself. I remember my friend saying she had given her husband a gift of driving a race car in Florida, her husband is a big NASCAR fan and this was a dream come true for him. So maybe there might be something unique to do just for him that will give him memories of a lifetime.
  13. We had two successful 15/16th parties when our kids were young, don't know if they would work with todays kids.
    One was a movie night party at our house, with a professional large, large screen, speakers, etc brought and run by a professional movie party group. It was in the back yard, at night, we had popcorn machines, and food before and after the movies., we hired a policeman from our local force to be at the front of the house to prevent crashes, drug sneaking, etc.-

    The second, we took 12 kids and 3 sets of parents on a cruise that for a day/night and came back in the early morning hours. We rented 4 cabins for everyone to take turns changing and in Bimini, for a couple of hours, different parents went with different groups either to the beach, the straw market, etc.-Everyone had a great time and they could try their hands at the casino, dance, swim, etc., on the ship.
  14. thank you so much for ALL of your advice!! I suggested a concert for him and a few friends and he was sooooo EXCITED! so I am really happy that I don't have to have a bunch of teenagers in my house hahha.

    again - many thanks!! :upsidedown: